26 Mar, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
A Nurse Who Attended Zororo Makamba At Wilkins Hospital Now Feeling Unwell

A nurse at the Harare City Council-owned Wilkins Hospital who attended to the late Zororo Makamba who succumbed to coronavirus at the medical facility is now unwell.

The nurse is said to have been the first one to come into contact with the now deceased journalist, and authorities suspect she might have been exposed to the coronavirus.

The local authority is awaiting her test results.

This came out as Wilkins Hospital says it did all it could to save the life of Zororo Makamba, given the resources at its disposal.

The hospital said before admission into the isolation facility, it took oxygen tanks to Makamba’s house twice, against standard procedure, which was administered per mask.

Oxygen is normally delivered through a nasal cannula at low concentration levels, but a mask delivers high concentration levels.

While in admission, the hospital said its staff worked flat out together with Makamba’s two private doctors to try and manage his condition.

It has also been revealed by City Health Director Dr Prosper Chonzi that all referral and private hospitals in the city had refused to take in Makamba for intensive care, which could have seen him put on a ventilator.

The Makamba family has accused both the city authorities and central government of leaving their relative to die in a facility that offered nothing more than a roof and walls for the patient, as there was no running water and no electrical sockets.

Some machinery was also not able to be switched on to help the now deceased because of electrical issues.


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