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Celeb News

27 Oct, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Amai TT Gets Plastic Surgery For Her Face & Stomach

Murandakadzi as she is affectionately know by her cat family just posted on her Facebook she had got a belly surgery and a face procedure to remove pimples from her face . See images posted below from mai TT.

Mai TT posted the following.

The Surgery was indeed a success I now have that flat tummy and you will not believe my skin how it has changed in just a couple of days.
Indeed somethings are worth spending money on..taingozvionerawo pamacelebrity ekumainternational countries izvi. 
What an experience indeed thank you Herrwood Medical Centre For a job well done.

Ladies vaye vanoda kubviswa mafats mudumbu and kugadzirwa skin you should checkout this clinic they do wonders kani. It's a bit expensive but its worth every cent.


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