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27 Aug, 2020 | Posted By:
Andy Muridzo Exposes Fan Pretending To Be His Manager

A staunch Andy Muridzo fan, who shares the same Gushungo totem with the singer has been been accused of abusing their friendship to allegedly solicit favors from the singer’s sponsors and well wishers. 
The man in question, Tatenda Gomwe aka Gushungo, has been hanging around with Andy Muridzo and religiously following his shows, however he has become a nuisance to the singer. 

Andy Muridzo’s management have issued a warning to their fans that Tatenda aka Gushungo is not part of their entourage. 

Gushungo went as far as claiming that he Andy Muridzo’s protege, a claim which the singer rubbished.

Said Andy Muridzo’s manager Onismo Saini on the matter
“This man called Gushungo has created a lot of problems for us as he moves around telling people that he is running Andy Muridzo’s affairs and even asking for money.

“What I know is that the two – Tatenda and Andy Muridzo – share the Gushungo totem and that might have brought them closer.”

Saini accused Gomwe of stalking Andy Muridzo just to get favors, but he feels the situation is out of hand now.

“The guy is a liar and we has been misrepresenting to people at a time when we are trying to build rebrand Andy Muridzo’s brand.

“He is now portraying Andy Muridzo as a beggar and lazy man who cannot work for himself and we are just against that conduct.

He said Gomwe should know his limits.

Andy Muridzo himself also admitted that Gomwe has become a thorn in his side.
“Surely it’s bad for people to move around telling lies just because we share the same totem.

“This man is a fraud and don’t believe his stories because he wants to get mileage through association.

He warned people that Gomwe is a fraud and is not running his affairs.

Contacted for comment by,
Hmetro, Gomwe said Andy Muridzo is his relative and Saini is just insecure that he hangs around with Muridzo.

However, he had to backtrack some of his utterances upon learning that Andy Muridzo distanced himself from him.