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23 Sep, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Apostle Casper Bonga Clapback At Socialite Musendo Musendo Tikwanire

Apostle Casper A Bonga fired back at socilite Musendo Musendo after she posted a Youtube video talking about friends and people close to the Apostle. The people Musendo Musendo attacked were Caspers woman Fufu Soko and Caspers Friends Kefliwe and Mudiwa Lyon. Casper did not take time and did a Facebook live in where he went hard on Musendo Musendo watch the video below.

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Disgraced Apostle Casper Bonga EXPOSED By Ex-BoyfriendControversial and disgraced man of the cloth, Apostle Casper Bonga’s woes just got worse after a man claiming to be his ex-lover made damning allegations against him. According to the audio, the man who claimed to have been Apostle Casper’s boyfriend claimed that he was the one who had been taking of Bonga when he was in South Africa. iHarare has learned that the man also revealed that Bonga stole all his clothes and alcohol after being dumped.

Apostle Casper who is the founder of the Voice of Fire International Ministries shot to infamy early this year when he went on a. This came after Grace allegedly made a Facebook post in which she outed Bonga as being gay. The social media post alleged that Bonga was a serial philanderer who had multiple affairs with both men and women. The post added that Apostle Casper was into abusing drugs and alcohol.

Within a few days, a furious Bonga made a live social media video in which he threatened to come back to Zimbabwe to beat up Grace. He went on a foul-mouthed tirade in which he used profane language freely to issue his threats and to remind Grace of what he used to do to her when they were still married.

Undeterred by the threats, Grace initially threatened to leak his nudes online. She then followed through with her threats and . After the images, went on online, Apostle Casper did not respond publicly like he had done when the gay rumours started.

Now, a man who claims to have been Apostle Casper’s lover has spilt more tea on the embattled Bonga. According to the man, Apostle Casper used to stay in Wynneburg, South Africa but moved into one of his flats after he was kicked out of his accommodations.

He expresses surprise that people actually believed that Bonga was a famous pastor who went by the name “Pastor Casper.” The disgruntled lover claims that he was later advised that Bonga was a conman. He goes on to say that he dumped Bonga after he discovered that the apostle was stealing and pawning some of his property and being a nuisance at the flat.

According to the alleged lover, Apostle Casper got nasty after he was dumped and allegedly stole R90 000 worth of clothes as well as all the expensive alcohol in the house. He is accused of damaging the flat in the process.


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