Apostle Chiwenga Breaks His Silence After Norton Accident


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Apostle Chiwenga Breaks His Silence After Norton Accident

Apostle Talent Chiwenga has spoken for the first time after the Norton Head On Accident. Gambakwe Media has received a copy of a letter that he wrote to the church ‘s members on the 6th of August, which was not published on the Church’ s public platforms:


To My Children after the Common Faith

I write to you my children, to communicate with you because i love you and I miss you. It has been long since you heard from me or saw my face.

Well you all know how we got involved in a head-on collision with a white Mercedes Benz sedan car that was wrongly driving on a one way traffic road at a very high speed towards us without switching on the headlights well, it only switched its headlights on when it was less than ten metres away from our car, after 1900 hours Central African Time.

This was not an ordinary or natural accident, it was an assassination plan by enemies of the gospel who hold high offices in government.

We had informed you a week before this incident of this plan but they still went ahead to do it. The plan was to cause me to panic and try to avoid a head on collision and by so doing i would lose control of my vehicle and we were all going to die; just like they did in the June 12, 2019 accident.

They would blame me and say i do not know how to drive safely, or i was sleeping while driving, or i was over speeding, or i was drunk. Nobody would corroborate our story that there was an oncoming car on a one way road in the highway. And we would look stupid, untruthful and falsely accusing them of foul play.

So i made a decision to go for the head on collision, i felt in my spirit that the Lord wanted me to do that, and that is what i did.

We thank God that none lost their lives in our car, there were no fatalities, only two people were hurt, myself and one faithful helper in the protocol department .

I sustained serious injuries, and i have gone through numerous procedures and operations, but i am alive, and i am hopeful that the Lord will heal me and i will be able to walk again, stand again and share the good word of the Lord with you.

As i write this message to you right now (0300 hours CAT), i am in much pain, the pain that i have never felt in my life, the pain that sometimes rages on even after receiving the highest dozes of the strongest painkillers available in the hospital.

But this is just pain in my body, my spirit is fine, it is not sick, i find time to listen to the word and i can assure you it is well with my spirit.

Soon after the accident i saw the damages i had sustained,and i thought that through the excessive bleeding i experienced I was going to die on my way to the hospital, and i prayed what i thought was my last prayer to God; i said ‘ Lord you know how with sincerity and with a clear conscience i have served you, it was an honor to serve the King of kings and the Lord of Lords, you do not owe me anything, if my time to go has come, i am ready, i just want to thank you for the rare opportunity you gave me to be a steward of such a great gospel …’

I meant every word in this prayer, and after i said it i was so much at peace with everything. It is a great miracle that i am still alive today considering the serious injuries sustained and a loss of more than 2 and half litres of blood through bleeding on the wounds.

I know the Lord kept me alive for you, for your benefit, so that you can still receive a service from the prisoner of God. I know you are praying for me and that you are also very worried, you want to hear my voice, and be able to see me and ascertain that i am truly alive.

That will happen soon, we have to deal with life threatening situations first and then i will be able to see you again, remember i am yours, i belong to you and once i have recovered and the security situation has improved, you will see me.

I want to thank you all for your thoughts, your prayers and your love towards me, i love you too with all my heart, you are my true family and you know how useless i feel when i am not on the pulpit. But it is a necessary set back , i have to get better first and if the doctors declare me fit to function normally, we will all be happy together again.

Lastly i want to remind you how great the Love of our God is towards us, he tells us everything that will befall us beforehand, there are no surprises and that means he will become there to make sure we are not consumed by those afflictions laid before our paths by the devil.

As for the men of the city of Harare, the men of Zimbabwe who are seeking to kill me, because they do not like the word of God that i have spoken against them because of their abominable lives, this is God’s message to them:

Are we going to find men in our country who are going to oppose the murderers’ voices, and say this man is not worthy to die, for he has spoken in the name of the Lord God? God knows better.

But the people of Zimbabwe should know that they are bringing innocent blood of the servant of God upon not only the murderers, but the whole country; and when the punishment comes upon a land it will affect everyone, including those who say we are the passive and indifferent one. It is a heinous sin to kill the prophet of God!!

Talent Farai Chiwenga

Prisoner of Jesus Christ and

Apostle of Jesus Christ by the grace of God


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