Arrest Poverty, Shortages & Inflation Leave Us Alone


23 Aug, 2019   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 1 minutes

Arrest Poverty, Shortages & Inflation Leave Us Alone

Another day, another arbitrary arrest and another wilful violation of the rule of law and a blatant disrespect of fundamental rights.
The regime has arrested my boss Hon Amos Chibaya, the firebrand Organizing Secretary of the biggest civilian political party in Zimbabwe on flimsy charges of failing to stop a demonstration.

This again is a clear indication of how clueless the regime has become. Like a headless chicken the Junta is running towards everywhere while going nowhere. Instead of arresting the skyrocketing inflation, acute shortages and poverty for the betterment and development of the nation, they are more concerned with suppression and oppression, all in a bid to extinguish and destroy the MDC.
It is quite alarming that while the PEOPLE have genuine, legitimate and pressing concerns and issues for which they are demonstrating, the forever clueless regime has decided not to address these concerns, opting to shoot the messenger than accepting the message.
Arresting Hon Chibaya, the people's Organizer because citizens exercised their sacrosanct and Constitutionally given right to peacefully protest washes away all that was left of the fake Dispensation which has been nothing short of an Embarrassing Desperation.
Organizer Chibaya, together with many political prisoners must be freed, they are innocent, their only crime is stating the obvious, the Junta gvt is cluefree.
Since the regime has developed a penchant of arresting and detaining, let them arrest POVERTY, SHORTAGES AND INFLATION! and while at it they can detain the filthy corrupt clowns in ZanuPf who are standing in the way of the Country's progress and our future.

In the name of the Revolution,

Leader Cde Bvondo

* Happymore Chidziva 

Deputy National Organizer of the MDC


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