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Ashford Achifumura Faith  Domingo Nezvakaitika Ku Turkey Handina Kubhadharwa

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08 Dec, 2019   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Ashford Achifumura Faith Domingo Nezvakaitika Ku Turkey Handina Kubhadharwa

Ashford ashbragga has finally broken his silence and is exposing all the plotting and scheming done by Faith Domingo Nechironga. Ashford is furious and upset at how Faith Domingo treated him amd other cast members. First and foremost Ashford has confirmed that Olinda Chapel was honest and correct in leaving Turkey since the whole production of Keeping Up with Holiday Pals was a trap and a scam.

Ashford conformed that Faith Domingo told Kefliwe, Linda Rose, Uncle Ged and Aunty Jenny were told they were Lindas guests and that they would not paid. Ashford was told he would be the only one to be paid. All the other peoples payment was going to be food and staying in the hotel. Ashford also said Aunty Jenny was sick for two days after she got in a fight with Faith Domingo. Faith told all the cast members that thry needed to create drama and not bond with each other.

Cast members were told they needed to only bond with Faith Domingo and not with each other since she was the one who invited them to Turkey. Aunty Jenny and Uncle Ged were brought in as councellors for the cast member to help them deal with stress are they fought. Ashford also revealed that Keeping Up With Real Holiday Pals was a joke and that there was no production team. The people filming were two of Faith Domingo Kids and the whole experience was a nightmare. Ashford confirmed that Faith Domingo cut all the cast members internet access. After Ashford sided with Linda Rose after she got emotional and left. Faith Domingo  turned the whole cast and production team against him. Ashford also mentions that Faiths sister Patience is a brutal and mean person who contributed to most of the terrible experiences in Turkey.

Ashford asked Faith Domingo and her sister Patience about his payment before he left and was told that him and Linda were now guests. Which had changed from the statement that he was a cast member and would be paid. Faith Domingo told Ashford that she would look at the contrast and review if he would get paid and she needed three weeks to a month to review the contract. Ashford was also told if she found out that he breached the contract terms he would not be paid.

To make things worse Ashford was bought the cheapest ticket to fly which took 2 days and he would land in South Africa and find his way to Zimbabwe. Ashford claims that mvengerians reached out to him and helped him make it to Zimbabwe. Ashford showed appreciation for Olinda Chapel for all the help she did to help him through out the whole situation. Ashfored also warned Mandla to be smart and ask for his payment in advance because he does not want them to be scammed like he was by faith and her Keeping Up With Holiday Pals production team


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