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16 Oct, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Baba Harare Accused Of Using Mushonga In His Band Parts Ways With Mama Filo

AFRO-FUSION musician Braveman Chizvino Mwanza, better known as Baba Harare in the showbiz circles, is reported to have parted ways with his manager Filda “Mama Fillo” Muchabaiwa after he allegedly pushed his City Vibration band to engage in traditional rituals, NewsDay Life & Style has learnt.

It has since emerged that Mama Fillo and Baba Harare had a nasty fallout after the latter insisted on the use of juju following an ill-health spell that saw him being rushed to his Bikita rural home for help in April.

Baba Harare recently recovered from chest pains and breathing problems that sparked a COVID-19 infection scare before he was rushed to his rural home with family members saying they wanted him to be helped in their “our own way”.

Though the two could neither confirm nor deny that the juju claims had led to the fallout, insiders said the Heti Dzemurara (The Reason Why) hitmaker claimed some top musicians were bewitching him, hence the need for cleansing of the City Vibration band.

This is, however, not new in the world of showbiz as several musicians have claimed the use of juju by fellow artistes on them.

“The fallout between momz (street lingo for mother) and Rasta (Baba Harare) is about juju. Rasta claims it’s because of mismanagement of funds, but I doubt that. Everyone wanted momz to stay because she has been good to us, but I think the juju issue was just against her will and she decided to quit,” an insider speaking on condition of anonymity said.

“When Rasta (Baba Harare) got sick in April (though fully recovered now), remember he was rushed to Bikita. That is where a sangoma was consulted and after he recovered, he wanted the same rituals done on him to be extended to the band, claiming it was for protection as musicians, some close to him, were bewitching him,” he added.

Baba Harare, who is riding high with his recently launched album titled Izvi Zvinoitirwei, yesterday, however downplayed Mama Fillo’s departure and scoffed at the juju rumours.

“I am hearing this for the first time from you. Inini mushonga wandinoziva iColgate neNugget (toothpaste and shoe polish brands) Zvemushonga izvo ini handizvizive (I don’t know anything about juju and it is good when people think that you use juju, it shows you are good at what you are doing,” he said.

“People must think that you use juju and if they don’t think that way, it means you are not doing anything. I am doing well and things for me are in order, but if your story is about me using juju, I have no comment because I don’t know anything about using such.”

Baba Harare could, however, not make it clear whether Mama Fillo was still part of his team or not, claiming they were not working due to the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, though he launched his album last week at Bar Rouge at Long Cheng Mall in Belvedere, Harare.   


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