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07 Nov, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Baba Harare Ndadzoka NeMinhanzi Ichapisa- NdaMature Mu Industry

BABA Harare says he would not lose sleep over critics questioning his maturity and creative edge.

The 32-year-old says he would rather continue singing jiti, a genre he claims gave him identity.

Baba Harare says it was easy for him to follow in love with the genre since it is deeply grounded in Shona tradition.
And jiti being purely Zimbabweans folklore music, Baba Harare who was born and bred ekhaya where it was popular, reckons he came on board as a “Messiah” to save it from extinction.

Although he started off as a reggae artiste when he left Jah Prayzah, Baba Harare says he has now found his own groove and flair in jiti.

The Gango music originator opened up ahead of the launch of his fourth album – Generator – to be launched Thursday at Food Nest, LongCheng Plaza in Belevedere.
The City Vibration Band paymaster said his mandate is to sing what he enjoys most and not to please ‘arm chair’ critics.
The eccentric crooner, who combines music and comedy, has once again roped in his trusted producer – Maselo – while underrated but yet talented producer Gibson Makumbe gave a hand on some of the tracks in this album.

MTM producer Tamuka also came on board in one of the tracks.

The album carries eight tracks namely  Wandivavarira featuring South African chanter Buffalo Souljah, I will never fall in Love, Jiti Gure,  Fambai Neni, Come Over, Automatically and  Rita, which  was produced by Tamuka.

The title track Generator has an accompanying video and it will be unveiled at the same launch. In an interview, Baba Harare said his album – Generator – was the only ‘painkiller’ he has for the struggling masses as we march on into the festive season. “I have been working on this album for a couple of months and it really defines who Baba Harare is and the career path that I have taken.

“I have done some reggae songs and Afro beats but jiti will be dominant once again,” he said.

With many accusing Baba Harare of singing dirty lyricist and performing sexually suggestive dances, Baba Harare sees no problem.

In fact, he says he has never recorded dirty lyricist while he defends the dancing antics.

“Those who have attended events where jiti is performed will tell you that there is nothing wrong with my dances.

“To say they are sexually suggestive would be unfair because those dances have a deeper meaning which the elders can tell. “Those dances where man will be rubbing it on the ladies’ rears are simply party songs and who doesn’t need fun. “At the moment, we all need fun to forget all that we are going through and move on,” he said.

Like most artistes of his generation, Baba Harare has since launched his foundation which has been helping less privileged with the help of his UK partners.

“I have been doing a lot of charity but I preferred keeping it low hangu for professionalism.

“Last weekend I held the Ramba Wakadzvanya tournament in Mbare and I have been doing quite a lot of charity.

“Back in Bikita where I come from, there is plenty line-up and I will continue doing my best.“I will only do what I can afford and of course which is within my means,” he said.

Baba Harare announced his solo career in 2016 with the album Chikwama Changu.

After a false start, we went on the release Minamato YaRasta which carried the hit track, The Reason Why which catapulted him to acclaim.

He went on to release Ramba Wkadzvanya while Generator will be his fourth album.

For all his efforts as he seeks to unveil his fourth album, Baba Harare reckons the corporate world has also recognised him for his efforts.

“It’s every artiste’s dream to be working with the corporate world and I am glad that they know Baba Harare is there.“For a man who came all the way from Masvingo to be given the moniker Baba Harare is no joke at all.

“In fact, I see the grace of the Lord because there are some artistes who were born and bred here (in Harare) but they haven’t achieved what I got,” he said.

The singer who has interests in body-building also said he was humbled by the support he get from his fans.

“I’m one artistes who have loyal fans at heart and I always make sure that I have time with them.

“I’m also an artiste who listens a lot to them because they meet a lot to be me,” he added.

Baba Harare made a name for himself while working under Jah Prayzah.

Unlike most artistes, Baba Harare parted way with the paymaster amicably and the two are still in talking terms.

However, the singer says it’s high time they separated the “Baba Harare” they knew working under Jah Prayzah and the current one fronting his own band.

Only till will tell if fans can still separate the two Baba Harare(s).


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