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Baba Tencern Breaks His Silence About Kusungwa For Kudhinda Ma Passport

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05 Nov, 2019   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Baba Tencern Breaks His Silence About Kusungwa For Kudhinda Ma Passport

SOUTH Africa-based Zimbabwean comedian Baba Tencen of “Kuripwa Kugara” fame has finally opened up on his alleged fraud activities as he took a dig at fellow countrymen living across the Limpopo.

Born Pepukai Zvemhari, Baba Tencen, has dispelled rumours which circulated on social media suggesting he was part of a syndicate behind the fleecing of Zimbabwean immigrants under the guise of assisting them to have their passports stamped at the border to extend their stay in South Africa. A video of Baba Tencen pleading with one of the people he allegedly duped went viral as he was accused of being in possession of fake passport stamps.

H-Metro spoke to Baba Tencen from his South African base and he said the video was recording to embarrass him.

“It was just a video yakaonekwa nevanhu vakawanda on social media zvikaita kunge ichokwadi because the lady who did that, I don’t even know her and why she accused me duping her.

“She lied a lot on the video and there were no passports found or stamps with me. “If it was true about what she said why didn’t she took a video of the stamps or monarch of passports as she said?

“The police found me without a passport at hand I had my passport copy and my driver’s license that’s why I got arrested and they took my passport to home Affairs to verify if it was due and to check if I had a valid permit.

“I did even sleep in cells neither did I spend an hour at the police Station. I was shocked of how they twisted the story afterwards on social media “The police and I were laughing about how some Zimbabweans behave as compared to some foreigners, Zimbos here are too stupid, they spread falsehoods against each other and they don’t mind their own business,” said Baba Tencen.

The comedian went on to reveal how he is living with fellow Zimbabweans and the way he has adopted the South African language to incorporate his show business. “My brother, here in SA tinogara nema South Africans but vanotenge vakafunda more than Zimbos because they don’t care kuti mu next door madyiwei or unorarama sei, kana makuhwa havana but ngapaite a group of Zimbos renting in one yard, oooooooh, u can see the hell on earth havagoni kuita zvavakafambira kutsvaga mari.

“That’s why I always team up with South Africans because hauite stress at all, kudya mari and ku groover nothing more.

“As for my videos, I have long tuned to Tsonga video language, ndirikuita akawandisa and they are so happy, I’m know as Alfonso WaHansa u can Google and see for yourself.

“Alfonso is an acting trade name kuno SA,  kuripwa nderekwasadza, so chero ndinavo they don’t even know kuti ndirimu Zimbo because I speak Tsonga fluently,” said Baba Tencen.


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