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13 Nov, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Bazooker Left By Musikana Wake Ave Ngochani Yechikadzi

Bazooker left by girlfriend for another girl

CHILLSPOT Records signee Bazooker who made headlines few months ago after he was alleged that he had impregnated two girls at once has since been left with one of the girls known as Nikkie who has since started dating another girl named Micaylah.

The Ndine Mababy akawanda singer has been left for another girl and it is alleged that Nikkie was not pregnant for Bazooker which made it easy for her to part ways with the chanter.

On a leaked WhatsApp conversation between Nikkie and Micaylah, Bazooker’s girlfriend was pleading with Micaylah not to leave her as she was going to come out open and leave the chanter.

Pictures of Micaylah and Nikkie on each other’s WhatsApp statuses has been since circulating and people have lately began mocking the chanter for not being man enough that he was left for a lady.

In an interview with Bazooker, he said that the issue does not affect him in any way.

“The story iyi ndikuiziva nyaya yacho asi ndinzwireiwo tsitsi andinei nazvo nyaya iyi.

“Such stories will tarnish my image and my musical career, last month I was in the paper with a story in line with this you are asking me,” said Bazooker.




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