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Celeb News

17 Aug, 2018 | Posted By: staff reporter
Before TyLinda (Tytan-Olinda) There Was Tyllyn (Tytan-Tallyn)

Before Tytan Skhokho got with Olinda Chapel, he had his eye set on another yellow bone that was also based in the UK. Zimbolivenews does not make up stories we just report whats happening on Zimbabwean Social Media Communities.
Zimbolivenews has obtained snapchat screenshots between Tytan Skhokho and Tallyn Ndudzo the beauty Tytan was after. From these screenshots you will see foryourself that Tytan Skhokho wanted KUSIMBISA HUKAMA by IMPRAGNATING Tallyn. tytan skhokho brags about bonyora and being good at lovemaking. 

We wont say more let the screenshot speak forthemselves.


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