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Bev Sibanda Asvotwa Ngaarutse Mufudzi Chambuka Handimbomurambe

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30 Jan, 2020   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Bev Sibanda Asvotwa Ngaarutse Mufudzi Chambuka Handimbomurambe

Handidzokere Shure Asvotwa Ngaarutse, Bev tells haters to go hang themselves. Said Bev on social media. Handidzokere shure mahaters taurai sterek takujairai. The feisty dancer who is pregnant recently got hitched to UK doctor Mufudzi Chambuka in low key court ceremony.

Newly married dancer Beverly Sibanda has told haters to stay in their lane and shut up about her marriage

Her outburst follows after UK based Zimbabwean woman who was previously with Bev’s new husband declared that their marriage wouldn’t last. She claimed that Chambuka is shady and philandering and Bev is in for a wild ride.

The woman states that Bev’s husband is always “on his phone with other women” and is a serial heartbreaker. He reportedly messes around with a lot of women and dumps like trash when he’s done using them. Speaking to Zimeye she said Chambuka is a two-faced user.
“I know Mufudzi Chambuka, give the new couple a few days and knowing Mufudzi, Bev will find out the real him. He is always on the phone texting women and i know in a few days, something will happen.

I know of a depressed woman who was also conned by Mufudzi. She has deactivated all her facebook accounts because of this. She was also conned by Mufudzi…. I am not jealous of Bev or Mufudzi, all i want is my money and my car from him.” The woman claims Mufudzi owes her over US$5000 and took off with her vehicle.

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Raunchy dancer and leader of the Sexy Angels dance group, Beverly ‘Bev’ Sibanda who tied the knot Thursday has vowed that marriage will not kill her pole dancing career and also revealed that she is not pregnant, Zim Morning Post can report. Bev married 48-year-old British national Chambuka Mufudzi at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts. In an exclusive interview with Zim Morning Post Friday, Bev said she is still in the game and not out.
“My group remains intact, I am still in the game and I am not relocating to United Kingdom. I am also not pregnant as has been said by people,” Bev said. This literally means Bev’s marital bliss will be a long distance relationship since her hubby is based in the United Kingdom.

Distance is no barrier for two hearts that care, said one old man!

Bev’s marriage comes as a surprise as she is on record saying that it would be difficult for her to settle down as she was so devoted in her profession as a dancer.

However, Cupid’s arrow had other ideas and struck her when she least expected.

The exotic dancer has made headlines for dating different men from all colour and creed.

She once dated footie star Archford Gutu and South African based businessman Agrippa “Boss Bvola” Matambo who was on the verge of paying lobola to her family.

Her marriage marks a new beginning in her love life and she vowed to be loyal to her husband.


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