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Boss Pumacol &  Uncle Epaton In Trouble After Dumping SA Chinese Promoter

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21 Mar, 2020   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Boss Pumacol & Uncle Epaton In Trouble After Dumping SA Chinese Promoter

Boss Pumacol and Uncle Epaton in hot soup after ditching SA Chinese promoter. Chen claims to have come to an agreement with the trio for a fee of R13 000 for the three to perform at his bar and even gave paid them deposits via Mukuru.

A ChineseSouth Africa based promoter, Weinjan Chen, is at loggerheads with three Zim danchall chanters Uncle Epaton, Pumacol and Master H after they failed to turn up for a show last Saturday at his bar in Johannesburg.

Zimbolivenews  gleaned on the proof of payment Cheng claimed to have made. Cheng said he approached Pumacol on the deal who then said he will confirm with his counterparts.  However when asked about the issue, the artistes had a different version to the story.

The chanters claimed the promoter had initially made a poster without their consent and when they later agreed, he sent their deposit fees late. They also complained that Cheng wanted them to travel by bus which did not go well with their handlers. “Chen was speaking to me and I told I will have to confirm with the other guys first.

“After that the other guys confirmed vakati dhiri bho but he sent to deposit money late.  “We got the money on Friday morning and that was the same day we were supposed to travel and this did not go well with the other guys.

“Personally, I told him could no longer make it because I had family commitments, I had made other plans because I was not sure whether he was going to send the money or not,” said Pumacol. He said he asked to return the deposit fee, which Cheng asked him to hand to another person.

Cheng confirmed getting a return from Pumacol only but complained it was not the full deposit fee he had sent him. “I sent Pumacol an equivalent of US$140 for deposit but he only returned US$70. “Uncle Epaton and Master H have just gone quiet.” In another interview Uncle Epaton, he said

“I didn’t go for the show because the money he wanted to give us was little and he also wanted us to travel by bus. “My management was no okay with that arragment and they opted to send him back his money.”

Cheng said he had already reported the case with South African Police Services and wants the artistes to be banned entry into the country for any shows. “I have reported the matter, they are trying to crook me my money so I will also make sure they banned to hold shows here,” he said.


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