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Breaking News Satan Arrested Prophet Talent Madungwe

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25 Jun, 2020   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Breaking News Satan Arrested Prophet Talent Madungwe

Recently prophet was both on earth and heaven,a man is divided into 2 man spirit and physical man so it was separated and spirit part was in heaven and physical part on earth

God was not happy wth many deaths caused by spirit of death,yes we sinned and Gods covering was removed frm the all nations bt devil crossed the line he went further so thus candled Gods anger.its not first time God not to be happy even after floods of Noah God was not happy wth the death and rainbow was introduced bt this time Satan was arrested by authorisation of God via heavenly army.

Gods plan is fr all both man and woman's to wear robes, the cloth which covers frm heard to toes.heaven wears robes bt trousers were introduced in old testament fr priest who were climbing to the alter it was a high place so to give them dignity trousers was given to them..so trousers its fr pastors prophets or evangelist so stop blaming woman's not to wear trousers even man are not suppose to wear...bt its gud its putting dignity to all man or woman's so heaven doesn't have a problem woman can wear trousers if u want no1 can blame u bcz heaven confirms its position

Woman are allowed to preach in new testament, its not old testament were man was being counted as people only bcz its holy spirit which preaches not a person,apostle Paul also was asked why he said I do not permit a woman to preach, heaven council and apostle talked the matter.. Its up to church to allow woman's to preach or not bt God doesn't forbid them..so its in yr hands to stop or allow woman's bt I prophet Madungwe I allows them to preach I got the authorisation frm heaven

Corona virus will stay wth humanity heaven confirms..heaven consists of God, Christ all angels and all department so if we say heaven confirms means all heaven delegate has said one thing or its their message, so corona virus stay bt heavenly army programs concerning corona virus ends monthend of June.. Corona virus was reduced by heavenly army its impart to humanity or its dangerous now as Satan was arrested its up to God in July the way forward

Bt corona is no longer dangerous to humanity its a thorn only lk aids or cancer to keep pple seeking God only.. All thorns comes bcz of disobedience to God lk leprosy in old testament incurable disease read lev26 if u disobeys me will send incurable disease to strike u,repent all nations USA esp and Europe

Will update in July the way forward about Satan arrest and corona virus more details

By prophet Madungwe, the founder of remnant desire of all nations church based in harare.currently deputy heavenly army commander

We do end time 2nd coming of Christ continuing wth work or prophecies of prophet Daniel of old testament

Platform to follow at Facebook prophet Madungwe church page,Twitter real prophet Madungwe, Instagram talent Madungwe whatsup +263776231156 ,YouTube remnant TV

God bless u all

Authorised by God
Authorised by Christ
Overseed by heavenly army and prophet Madungwe

Christ coming soon

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