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Business Woman Edith Chibhamu Letter To Uncle Roland

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25 Dec, 2019   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 4 minutes

Business Woman Edith Chibhamu Letter To Uncle Roland

A letter from Edith Chibhamu.. Uncle Roland i feel you my brother. I personally relate with you. Me after dismissing a couple because I had fallen on hard times and did not want them to be there and i cant afford to pay them. This same couple has come to social media to say o am a thief. And for me i have also said why should I even defend myself. 

Let me say this. I have 21 children, how else does a single mother feed 21 kids and send thwm to school. Here is the list below.

1. You go into high class prostitution 

2. You go into fraud

3. You do stealing from everywhere 

4. You date all the old rich man

5. You visit madzibaba na madzimai all the time for luck

6. You sale drugs

7. You do anything illegal as long as it is going to put food on your children's table. 

Now for people like me ypu have too many enemies,  so they will start using all your bad past to distroy you because maybe you have failed to make them happy. Now guys let me make everyone's life a lot easy. 

I am a whore, i am a criminal,  i am a witch, i am the devil's advocate,  I owe a lot of people money including my best friends,  i owe banks money, I owe maintenance on my x husband's children that i pay maintenance for,  i owe my employees money, I owe family members money, i owe clothing stores money. Yes i have dated men who were rich becoz they were rich. I have dated vana ben 10 becoz they are good in bed. I have been kuma pository, madzibaba Zanda ku epworth uko he saved my life, madzibaba chibaya you prophecy things that always happen,  i have been to pentacostal apostolic Prophets,  i have been to whitch doctors, i have been to clavoance, i have been to fortune tellers. I have bought very expensive clothes,  i have bought from bhero kumupedza nhamo chaiko, i also buy cheap clothes from woolies, i have stayed in 5 star hotels, 7 star hotels and i have stayed in no star hotels. I have been very poor. I have been homeless in this foreign land. I have owned big assets, i have lost everything I have gained and lost again. I have dinned to good food and i have also slept very hungry. 

I have been so broke i could not even afford tissue and used newspapers.  I have slept on the streets homeless. You name it i have seen it and done it all. BEFORE THE PERSON WHO HELPED ME COME AGAIN LET ME SAY IT MYSELF, (I have also had an abortion, the father was a pig and i needed to be free and yes I had an abortion. The father called me crying that I have just been told you had an abortion yesterday and yes i lied and said  not me i would never do that and that was not true, I did have an abortion just so i could erase my painful experience in the hands of the father)There is nothing under the son i have not done. And yes 2 cameroonian people came to work for me as Domestic help and yes they ran away with all my properties worth thousands of dollars. And right now because they dont know what i am thinking or planning they are all over social media saying I am a thief and a criminal.  WELL YES I AM SO DEAL WITH IT. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY 

The only thing I have not done yet is to kill. But if pushed to a corner. Pane vashoma vatichada kuti vafe. So to all those looking for a story to distroy me take a pick because i have done it all. Guys if there is anything else I have left add it all. Everything you are going to accuse me of i am guilty help me go to prison please. TO MY 21 KIDS I WILL DO ANYTHING FOR YOU AND I WILL SIT ON TOP OF A CROCODILE JUST TO MAKE YOU GUYS HAPPY. I LOVE YOU ALL AND GOD BLESS YPU. MY ENEMIES ENJOY YOUR DAY TOO.


God please forgive me for all my evil sins.

Ps.. currently i am so broke i think I am going to start sleeping with rich men for moneyGuys i am so broke that yesterday the WORD BROKE saw me reading it and it ran away from the book.. I am so broke even flies dont land on my bordy because its smelling of poverty. I gave a mad person a drink the other day and the mad guy said listen madame please take your drink you need it more.

To those saying lets distroy Edith Chibhamu  how do you distroy something that is already distroyed  For all those planning and plotting guys its ok i am already distroyed so you can celebrate. 

Iam so poverty stricken that even the investment i negotiated for Zimbanwe the government cant even accept it because they are too scared the flies roaming around me might land on their body. 

And to those that have never gone through what i am going through please endai kumusha munobika doro mutende mwari nemidzimu.

And guys those that like me please do.a go fund me and give my kids a Christmas to remember. 

I love you all. Ide pain dem ooo


staff reporter
staff reporter
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