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21 Mar, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Chabvondoka Mudiwa Lyon Blasts Zuva Urban Tete Edith Chibhamu Told Me Zvawakaita Ku Dubai

In a shocking video Mudiwa Lyon has come out with all guns blazing with her beef with Zuva Habane. Cookie claims she was told by someone who urban Tete visited in Dubai everything She did "mukadzi iyeye told me zvese taitokunyeya, wakambopinda mumba make?" Cookie said.

Cookie was responding to allegations by Zuva that she was crying for money from Edith Chibhamu. Cookie denied these allegations and fired back at urban Tete revealing things which she claims Edith said " Unonhuwa mukanwa nehapwa were things Edith Chibhamu is said to have said. Most social media followers immediately knew who cookie was talking about as she mentioned the billion dollar deal Zuva Habane and Edith Chibhamu posted saying they were making. 

Zuva Habane and Edith Chibhamu we're close during the time she went to Dubai and when she came back. The relationship ended when Zuva Habane fans advices her to stay away from Edith Chibhamu as she was getting involved in political dramas involving Edith Chibhamu , Gambakwe and Zanu PF CIO scandals. Watch the video of Cookie below:


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