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Chamisa Akazvivharira Mumotor Achichena Ndamuzvambura Pama Election Mwonzora Says

Douglas Mwonzora had an interview with Trevor Ncube which was published on the 27th of July 2020.

Here are the key points

1. Mwonzora became a politician when he was at Goromonzi High School when he was addressed by Cde Sato. He became critical after the excesses in Matabeleland.

2. Mwonzora was born in Nyanga, 5th born in a family of 5. He grew up in the Tangwena area. He grew up listening to Chief Rekai Tangwena.

3. Mwonzora was inspired by Hebert Chitep and thay is why he studied law.

4. He worked with trade unions after interactions with Makamure.

5. Morgan Tsvangirai recruited him into ZCTU.

6. He started lecturing at the UZ as an assistant. He also headed the law faculty at the Great Zimbabwe University.

7. Thabani Mpofu Was his student, Job Sikhala also

8. Mwonzora abhors unfairness, injustice

9. 1994 – 1996 He set up Mwonzora and Associates after being fired by AJ Pack and partners

10. He worked at Mangwana in Gweru and was approached by Muzorewa to challenge the constitution in the Supreme Court. He was fired by Mangwana.

11. Mwonzora opened his law firm in Masvingo and Muzorewa followed him there and they won the case in 1997.

12. He then joined ZUM as the secretary for legal affairs for Harare Province. He wrote the constitution of ZUM.

13. He was detained in Hwahwa Prison for 10 days. While in Hwahwa, they continued to elect theie executive. The people who Tortured him in Hwahwa became members of Parliament with him.

14. HE Became a founder of the Forum party of Zimbabwe with the Tsvangirai, David Coltart, Masipula Sithole, Sipho Magonya, Agrippa Madlela at Jameson Hotel. He Became the National Publicity Chair

15. Edgar Tekere was a communist.

16. The Late Jabulani Mangena and Kizito Chibamba Tortured him. They talked about it over a drink. They were remorseful about the torture. They supported his work in the Portifolo Committee.

17. On more than 4 occassions, he was arrested for insulting Mugabe. He was arrested for saying moving out of commonwealth was foolish bravery. He was detained in Masvingo for 15 days. He sent the case to the Constitutional court.

18. In 1992, he started working with Morgan Tsvangirai. Mwonzora also worked with Tsvangirai in the NCA and also as an MP.

19. He was disappointed when Tsvangirai did not appoint him a minister. However Tsvangirai later appointed him the co-chair person of COPAC.

20. Tsvangirai then tasked him to work with him on strategy

21. Nelson Chamisa approached me to be Secretary General. He was with Chibaya, Hwende etc

22. Mwonzora won in Harare. The results were reversed. Mwonzora lost 11 out of 12, but got a nomination in Manicaland. Nelson Chamisa became unsure.

23. As the counting took place, Mwonzora found out he was winning. Chamisa was devasted and locked himself in his car. Mwonzora asked people to stop the counting. After his win, Mwonzora asked Tsvangirai to appoint Chamisa in the executive.

24. When Morgan Tsvangirai passed on, he did not approve of what Chamisa did.

25. At the Gweru congess, Mwonzora found that Chamisa was purging his supporters from the structures. The congress was unfree and unfair.

26. Mwonzora says he was not behind Mashavira’s court challenge against Chamisa.

27.  Chamisa refused to go for the extra ordinary congress because he was afraid of losing to Mwonzora.

28. Mwonzora says the MDC must follow its own constitution. The MDC must also follow court judgement.

29. Chamisa crossed a red line when he started following the G40. He started being unfair and acting with impunity.

30. Morgan Tsvangirai subjected himself to nominations, but Chamisa did not.

31 Harvest House was taken over after the guard was asked to go and by mealie meal.

32. The MDC Alliance is full of hate and they always do their things in a hurry. Their court case are always not well prepared and in one case they forged the signatures of 51 Senators and MPs.

33. Hope is not lost. Mwonzora says Zimbabweans Must be concerned about the quality of leaders that want to lead them and not populism.

34. Mwonzora is not sure if Chamisa still adheres to the values or principles of the MDC. Chamisa and his groups are now in a post ideological phase. Biti is Pro imf, Jonathan Moyo has a different ideology. The MDC is a social democratic party.

35. Nominations for MDC-T are not yet done. If he is nominated, Mwonzora wants to be President.

36. Mwonzora says the opposition should be united. He said they formed NERA and the MDC Alliance to unite the opposition.

37. Unity in the opposition must be based on values. Zimbabwe must be a pururalistic society. Mwonzora would be happy to work with Chamisa and Biti.

38. Zimbabweans Must be free to choose. Zimbabwe must be free from Regionalism, Tribalism, Corruption, Democracy…

39. Mwonzora says there have taken a hard stance against violence.


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