24 Nov, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Chikonzero General Chiwenga Vakatambirwa Nema Chinese Officials & Not Zanu PF Officials Pa Airport

‪Interesting observations from General Constantino Chiwenga’s return from China!‬

‪Vice President, General Constantino Chiwenga was received today at RGM Airport by the Chinese Deputy Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Zhao Baogang. ‬

‪General Chiwenga spent months in Beijing where he was receiving treatment which many sources say is suspected poisoning‬

No Government Minister met him at the airport, he was met by the Chinese Deputy Ambassador, Zhao Baogang, the same official who exposed Mthuli Ncube’s wrong budget figures.

His wife was absent, he was met by his son and brother.‬‪

He was brought back by a Chinese Government plane reserved for high ranking officials and not Emmerson Mnangagwa’s plane.

The airport was ring fenced by special forces and Commando officers according to sources! 

The State media is quiet‬ and not reporting about the General’s return. 

Just observations folks, don’t read too much into my reflections, my mind is trained to ask questions!


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