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07 Nov, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Chikonzero Jackie Ngarande Akamaka Lorraine Guyo Fongo

The real reason Jackie Ngarande hates Lorraine Guyo has finally out after more than a week of speculation.

Edith Chibhamu a woman who was dragged into the story by Jackie Ngarande spilled all the beans concerning the root of Jackie’s anger.

It is believed a certain borehole company approached Madam Boss , Pokello and Jackie Ngarande to be brand ambassadors for their company. 

The company ended up only focusing on Madam  Boss and Pokello who they thought were better at promoting their company on social media. 

Months later Jackie learned that Madam Boss too Lorraine Guyo to the company to replace her as part of the brand ambassadors.

Jackie Ngarande got even more frustrated when Lorraine Guyo was named brand ambassador for House Of Edith for a fashion week in Dubai 


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