Colonel Simon Masanga Raped Me Says 15 Year Old Daugter  In A Letter To Herself


12 Aug, 2020   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Colonel Simon Masanga Raped Me Says 15 Year Old Daugter In A Letter To Herself

Colonel Simon Masanga raped Me says 15 year old daughter in a letter written to self.

It has to our attention that a military officer retired Colonel  Simon Masanga had allegedly raped his daughter when she was 7 years old. 
The girl expressed her anger at how the man she called her father had rapped her at the age of 7. It appears this young girl has suffered a lot in her life. She is currently in court with another case where she is also alleging that Gift Tsamba the X husband to Edith Chibhamu raped her.
Her case has brought the authorities to question wether Gift Tsamba's 5 children are in fact his that he fathered with Edith Chibhamu.  He fathered 5 children with Edith Chibhamu and because of this accusations the paternity of his own biological kids is now in Question from these officers. Officer Sakahuni of Chitungwiza police despite being shown and given evidence that these where his children she is going for his head.  She is adamant that Edith Chibhamu and X husbund stole these children from

somewhere. The kids were very disturbed when they were spoken to today. It is very sad that the police officers in question seems to be unmoved by the truth she has her own truth she is looking for. Contacted for a comment Gift Tsamba 's Rose Tsamba was angry very because she said the police officer asked her for money not to put the kids in the middle. She tried to explain to the officer that all those kids were carried for 9 months by Edith in her full glance. The officer told her she was to give something and she would stop questioning the paternity of the kids. A recorded conversation with the officer and text messages shows the officer needed cash and when she dis not get the cash it is the kids that are suffering. We are now going to follow this case very close as we feel an injustice is being committed by people in uniform for the love of money


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