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09 Dec, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Congratulations Madam Boss & Mhofela Baby Number Two News

Madam Boss posted a revealing message on he facebook post before she and husband Mhofela let for Dubai for vacation. Madam Boss posted that "Miki Junior Making" Which could mean she is already pregnant and the bun is cooking in the oven. It could also mean thaty they are planning on making an ew baby. We are happy for Mhofela and Madam Boss as thier family grows.

Madam Boss hints of being pregnant: Pics. Madam Boss and her husband Ngoni Munetsiwa might have hinted of the coming of their second baby. Madam Boss who was recently in Dubai was back home a few days ago and went straight away to a holiday with her husband.  The comedian/actress and singer has spent the whole of 2019 a busy person. She has been all over the world. And she thanks her husband for making things happen for her as she claims he Ngoni is her manager and he is the one behind all what Madam Boss real Name Tyra Chikocho do whatever she does in front of the camera.

After having a busy year like that the actress decided to have some time off and away from all the negatives things in her life and decided to go for a weekend away with.
the love of her love. She [osted pictures of herself and Ngoni at Robert Mugabe International Airport and the caption was very very interesting. She mentioned something like they were going to make Baby number two for themselves


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