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Celeb News

11 Jan, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Congratulations To DJ Towers Mr Styllz & TeeMak Deliver His Car

Congrats to DJ towers on getting a car from two young Zimbabwean business moguls in the making. DJ Tower just got the keys to a car he was promised by two young men who have a bright future in the stock exchange and forex trading industry. DJ Towers is friends with Mr_Styllz and Teemak who are young entrepreneurs and making change to the future  of Zimbabwe. 

entrepreneurs Teemak (Taona Chipunza)Mr Styllz (Prince Mudzingwa) have bought a car for social influencer and artist DJ Towers. “Basically we bought DJ Towers the car as symbol of true empowerment in Zimbabwe. Too many people in Zimbabwe are focused on themselves and we aren’t empowering other and DJ Towers has been the leader in empowering other people so he deserve someone to see his efforts.”

With the situation as it stands in Zimbabwe this gesture by Mr Styllz and Teemak is amazing and shows that there are good people in this world who are caring about other and are willing to help others. 


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