Edith Chibhamu & Team Has Secured Funding To Save Zimbabwe


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Edith Chibhamu & Team Has Secured Funding To Save Zimbabwe

Edith Chibhamu& team has secured funding that can save Zimbabwe: Does everyone want the best for this nation?

They secured funding enough to rescue this country and according to our inside information Ms Chibhamu has been trying desperately to save the situation in the country through investment and smart partnerships. But her efforts seem to have been frustrated by people close to the president. A disgruntled employee who worked in Ms Chibhamu office in Dubai says Ms Chibhamu is sitting on a solution that could get sunctions lifted and the country working again. The question is why is all the help that is coming being squashed. In what seems to be a deliberate sabotage by the people around the President.

It has come to my understanding that Edith Chibhamu and team which also includes Zuva Habane have secured a huge amount of money to help fix the economic crisis but it also looks as if the bigwigs are turning a blind eye and the big question is why? Especially when the country is in serious distress like this.

It’s evident that within the Ministry of Energy most projects were taken by the Chinese and these no funding and remain dormant to-date. Get the brochure of the ministry of energy follow up on any or all projects and most were awarded to various companies.

Ministry of Infrastructure, seems to be in the same predicament. The manner in which the minster also handles real investors makes it impossible for them to invest in the country. l know because l also had very credible investors that ended up not investing in Zimbabwe because of this. Too busy for whats important and fundamental.

The only thing you see are roads and buses decoy to minimize the outrage from the people, having said that most projects again were handed over to incompetent investors.

Ministry of Finance Mthuli is playing the same card of being too busy and primitively diplomatic for real investment into the country, that easies the countries problems.

Not running away from the fact that some companies have been affected or stop from investing in Zimbabwe by sanctions it’s shocking how when those that aren’t affected by sanctions come to the table they are sanctioned by the government it serves to save and its people.

Ms Edith Chibhamu and team have already set up credible options for the country, that have low cost on capital and meant to easy the pressure, economic hardship and social unrest of the nation of Zimbabwe. It leaves the question is the government sabotaging itself?

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