17 Feb, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Edith Chibhamu Breaths Fire At Politicians

Edith Chibhamu breaths fire at politicians for socioeconomic sabotage for personal gains

Zimbabwe has reached the point of total collapse and unless Zimbabweans are given the opportunity and the free space to help transform the economy this is going to get worse.

Politicians need to stop politicking everything and start considering the plight of every Zimbabwean. Women have not been given adequate space on the political platform and they hardly have a voice, with fears of men calling them names and labeling them all sorts of things. 

I feel it is high time politicians stopped the power hungry war and game, opening their eyes beyond the power struggle to see the following:

1. The economic situation needs a total overhaul and players to fix the economy instantly are there, but they are not being given a chance. We have players who are ready to change change the fuel situation and reduce the cost of fuel to less than 90 cents a liter. 

2. The part of the fuel revenue can be used to fund the medical field, Education and Civil service bill, as we as free medical treatment for Children and adults over 60 years of Age. 

3. Agriculture can be resuscitated and turned into the biggest revenue generator for the country. This sector should not be so politicized people, people should also get free space and maximum support with everyone being accorded agricultural input. 

4. Mining sector should be opened for all Zimbabweans and especially the youth of Zimbabwe should be given the freedom to mine and sell their product to fidelity. The sector should not be politicized and the laws in this should be relaxed to allow everyone with good to sale to fidelity rather than to the black market.

5. Civil Servants are suffering, renting little rooms yet they provide the most important services for the country. Civil Servants should be given houses with mortgages that they can fully afford and remain with change. Each civil servants should be accorded a decent 3 bedroom housing and payback period should be reason and paying at least $100/$150 dollars per month or equivalent in bond notes per month. They should be accorded their salaries in foreign currency in order for them to afford all the basics they need.

All the industries should be reopened accord all the youth, to go into full time employment earning a decent wage thereby removing them from the streets thereby curbing drug abuse caused by being Idol.

Politicians need to stop politicizing the country if Zimbabwe is to fully gain social economic and technological gains, that will uplift the standards of living for ordinary Zimbabweans.


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