31 Jan, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Enzo Ishall New Song Unotsvireiko Breaks The Internet

Enzo ishall is back with a bang. His new song “Unotsvireiko” is set to be a club banger. The song highlights just how the youth full musician can twist simple words into an exciting song. In the song, the singer urges people to leave relationships that oo not benefit them in any way. He queries why a lady in an abusive relationship without any value could stay in it. He also asks why a man would want to keep dating a woman who does not love him or at least engage in some intimacy with him. The singer then goes on to lament over lack of reasoning on the part of people who hold on to such unions.

Unotsvireiko is Enzo’s new song under new management since his separation from Passion Java’s stable. Some people have speculated that the song might be a direct jab at Java. Others have alluded to the fact that most artists are complaining about the way record labels are treating artists including Chillspot and Enzo might have been speaking out against such abuses. Last year, it was rumoured that Chillspot records was ripping off its artists including Enzo who was by then still under their management. Enzo has released hit songs in the past such as Kanjiva,50 Magate and Muchiround. He has collaborated with the likes of Buffalo Souljah. People have said the new song shows maturity and has well written lyrics.

Enzo Ishall has finally released a song in 2020 with his new management TeeMak Promotions after he got officially signed a week ago at a flamboyant press conference at Miekles Hotel.
The freestyle song with a famous phrase does not only throw shade to Java or Chillspot but might be a lamentation of what he went through the last days of 2019 whilst under them.
Although the song is not really a bang like what his fans were expecting , they are just hyping him as their favourite artist.

Some critics see this as a joke since he is now signed to a multi-millionaire management for such a low budget video with a not so great song from a talented artist like Enzo who has made great tunes in the past


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