Enzo Ishalls Highest Score Video Ahead  Of Its Time No Drone Dancing People


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Enzo Ishalls Highest Score Video Ahead Of Its Time No Drone Dancing People

Enzo Ishalls Highest Score Video Ahead  Of Its Time

Enzo Ishall’s long awaited Highest Score  Video was released today to some mixed reviews by many of his fans. Enzo Ishall has proven to be a generational Musician and not a one hit wonder. Most generational musicians like Oliver Mtukudzi, Thomas Mapfumo,Jah Prayzah, Winky D , Alick Macheso and a lot more evolve with times and their Music changes.

People think Enzo Ishall should sing Magate type of music only and not venture into other types of singing. If we look at great musicians like Thomas Mapfumo. Oliver Mtukudzi they sang liberation struggle songs, religious songs & Jit music, they sang in English and Shona. Jah Prayzah has done collabos with musicians from all over Africa. Experimenting and trying new things is what separates the great musicians from the ordinary.

Enzo Ishall’s Highest score song is amazing many Zimbabweans have been listening to it and loving the song since it was released some weeks back. Being a generational musician Enzo teamed up with the best producers and videographers the same people who produced Winky D’s MUGARDEN. The video has the best Special Effects of any video ever shot in Zimbabwe. The people who produced and directed Highest Score used special effects similar to what is seen on Movies like Star Wars, The Matrix.

The special effects used in Enzo’s Highest Score Video maybe ahead are so out of the realm of music videos many Zimbabweans are used to that it may take a few months before many Zimbabweans can come to appreciate the genius and vision behind the Highest Scores.

Most Zimbabwean Videos have had two things people dancing and a Drone taking an aerial view. This formula has worked for the last 5 years in Zimbabwean produced Music videos. What Enzo’s Highest Score video has done is so out of the box that people are in shock and have been taken out of their comfort zone and are not sure what to think.

People are right to say that they cannot really hear the lyrics because they are not that clear but that’s something that can be fixed by adding sub titles or remastering the audio. Many Zimbabweans listen to Rhumba and Reggae and most of us do not understand 95% of what’s being said but we love and sing to the Music.

Enzo Ishall is a generational musician and will evolve with time and trying new music styles. Highest Score is a great song with a video way ahead of its time and far from the videos with drones many of us in Zimbabwe have become used to.



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