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12 Jan, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Enzo Shall Leaves ChillSpot Records Now Under New Management Team has received news that Enzo Ishall has left Chillspot Records and has a new team managing his brand and music. One thing we can confirm is that Enzo Ishall and Chillspot will still be working together making music. Enzo Ishall is very close to Fantan and Levels they have a brotherly relationship and they are in good books.

The decision for Enzo Ishall to find his own management was something agreed mutually between him and Chillspot. Our source told us that Enzo has become a huge superstar and he needed a team to manage his brand fulltime. Fantan and Levels have over 50 dancehall artist they make riddims for and are grooming and felt it was better for Enzo to have someone else handling his marketing and brand promotion which is something they have been doing.

If you look are musicians like Winky D or Jah Prayzah they record music with different producers and have a dedicated team that handles their marketing and brand. Enzo Ishall has reached a level that Chillspot will still work with him making new songs and riddims. When it comes to promoting Enzo Ishall this work will be in the hands of his new marketing team. This new team will be also working in Enzo Ishall's Social Media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Another responsibility of the management team will be to run Enzo Ishalls Youtube account where most of Zimbabwean musicians distribute and share their music.

Most Zimbabwean Musicians because of internet issues have had their social media accounts managed and run by Nigerians who have been short changing these musicians royalties. The latest Incident was Seh Calaz who lost his main Youtube account which had over ten thousand subscribers.  This account was under the management of Jungle Entertainment a Nigerian media firm. Enzo is being smart and professional by hiring a team that will handle his brand while he focuses on what he does best which is to make Music.

Our source also told us Passion Java has given his blessing to Enzo Ishall and told his he is making a smart bussines move and has a bright future and 2020 is his year. Chilspot Records has always preached that their Job is to develop the ghetto youths and see them bloom. Enzo Ishall is a great example of how Chillspot works. "Enzo started from zero look at him now he is one of Zimbabwe's best musicians ndobasa redu muchillspot we develop vapfana ava and they move on."

zimbolivenews tried to find out who was now managing Enzo Ishall but our source would now tell us.


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