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17 Aug, 2018 | Posted By: staff reporter
Fred Warlord Tavengwa Baracus Social Media Pioneer

Fred Warlord Tavengwa aka Baracus is a pioneer of the Zimbabwean Social Media Community. Over the years we have seen many people rise and fall on facebook  but Baracus has been on the rise ever since he started his social media journey. People who started with Baracus who have now disapeared include
-Curtis Smith aka Keda,Kardie Rusike akaTeam It Can't, Montana,Sisi Vhoro the list is endless.

Fred got the name Baracus and Warlord  when he was still in Zimbabwe he was famous for  fighting bullies. People in Mbare, Highfiled and Mufakose crowned him Warlord and Baracus. Fred knocked out people like Ghost in Mbare and Silver in Highfiled. Even today those who know him cant testify that Fred anokanda Zvibhakera.

Fred Warlord Tavengwa is the following:
-A Father to 3 beautiful girls
-A loving husband
-A hard worker you regularly see Fred working for his family 
-A great friend to many
-Pioneer in the Zimbabwean Social Media Community
-Responsible for making Zvirikufaya naKeda Famous
-Founder of Team Baracus Spakwahalaz
-Founder of Ward 21
-Responsible and Advises groups like Mvengemvenge, Zimbolivetv 
-Behind the charactors Harare Chikerema & Tendai Irish Chibwido

Most of the Facebook groups that are famous in the Zimbabwean community have a relationship with Fred Warlord Tavengwa. you can follow or join Fred's on his facebook pages



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