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Freemans Management Kupopotera At Star FM Awards After Singer Loses Award

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24 Feb, 2020   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Freemans Management Kupopotera At Star FM Awards After Singer Loses Award

The Star FM Awards have come and gone but some people were not pleased with how the awards ceremony went  down and hinted at nepotism.

As usual, there were winners and losers but some didn’t take the loss part very well especially after putting in the hard work.

Michelle Mukaro, who is part of singer, Freeman’s management lashed out on Facebook after the artist lost out the best male and best collaboration award.

” Next time #starfmawards just give who you want to give awards too, without wasting many people’s time!!! Thank you”
Freeman however won the People’s Choice award and Mukaro’s post has since been deleted.

Meanwhile, Taona Oswald Chipunza better known as Teemak has offered to dish out USD 300 to the Star FM Awards winner as price money.

Said Star FM in a statement 

PRESS RELEASE 23 February 2020 Harare

Star FM announces prize money for winners. 

Winners of the just ended Star FM Music Award d& in all categories will this week be receiving monetary prices, the organisers have announced.

Malaysia based businessman Tawona Oswell Chipunza (Teemak) has partnered with Star FM to ensure that the artists receive a monetary prize.

“My goal in giving prize money is to acknowledge the efforts of the artists…we can never match what they themselves have invested in their carers but it is a tangible step in the right direction,” he said from Harare 

The awards organisers have said that the main reason for the downscaling of the event was to channel some of the sponsorship towards prize money for the artists

. “One of the key learning points from last year was the need to not only give recognition through a statuette but to give a financial reward -albeit a small one-in recognition of the artists efforts,” said a spokesperson.

Each category winner will receive a cash prim of USD300

Teemak is a fast rising player in the entertainment industry. One of his greatest hits thus far includes singing dancehall prodigy Enzo Ishall under his label.


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