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19 Jan, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Gaffa Passion Java Breaks His Silence On Enzo Ishall Signing With Teemak Wakaba Munhu Wedu

It's been a week since news of Enzo Ishall leaving Chillspot Records and the guidance of Passion Java was announced. So far Levels and Fantan have not said a word about the move by Enzo Ishall. Many feel that Enzo did a great move by leaving Chillspot. records and finding new management.

Passion Java who has helped Enzo Ishall and Chillspot Records financially and spiritually has finally broken his silence about The Who incident. 

Passion Java In the videos claims that Teemak who is now managing Enzo Ishall has stolen their artist and that he will send papers. Passion Java calls Teemak Munhu aita kupusungwara and tichamutsvaga. From the video Passion Java says he will wait for the right time and will get even with Teemak. 
Teemak has already planned an Asian tour for Enzo Ishall and has promised some great things for Enzo Ishall. He feels he will take Enzo Ishall to the next level. But the issue is if Enzo Ishall has signed a contract with Chillspot Records and Passion Java then there maybe legal issues for Enzo Ishall. We know that Passion o has the financial capability to go to court and from what we have seen or heard about Teemak he also has the financial capacity to fight Passion Java and Chillspot in court . This is a breaking story will update you with more information.


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