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29 Oct, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Gaffa Passion Java Zimbabwe’s Most Famous & Popular Prophet Turns 33 Years

Happy Birthday Prophet Passion Java on your 33rd Birthday.

Gaffa Passion Java the most popular and most celebrated Prophet in Zimbabwe just turned 33 years. The USA based prophet who is currently in South Africa will be celebrating his birthday in style as always. Prophet Passion Java is know for helping many people in Zimbabwe especially  ghetto yutes in the Zim dancehall industry.

Passion Java is the force behind most of the top hit makers in Zimbabwe between 2018 to 2020 Passion Java has sponsored 80% of artists in the Zimdancehall industry. From Enzo Ishall to Uncle Epatan to Jah Master All the way to Winky D even Jah Prayzah, Passion Java has worked with this artists.

When it come to charity none is more giving than Prophet Passion Java. He has bought cars for Enzo Ishall , Madam Boss , Uncle Epatan. Passion Java have sponsored video for so many artists. At 33 years old this man of God has done more that most people will do in a life time. 

During the Covid -19 lock down it is estimated that the man of God spend over $100k US dollars entertaining Zimbabweans with his Garamumba Iwe shows. passion Java  paid the artists , presenters, hosts , love bands and studio time. The man of God did all this becoz of his love for his fellow countrymen. During this time many artists were not getting paid and he paid them to they could feels thier families.


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