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28 Dec, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Gambakwe Media Irikunyepa Here About Tinashe Jonasi Go Deeper Session

If Tinashe Jonasi Is Really Missing Why Is Gambakwe Thre Only One Reporting 

Gambakwe media has been reporting for over a week now that Tinashe Jonasi was taken by some Unknow people on the 24th of December. The question that people are now starting to ask is , how come Pardon Gambakwe and the guy who claims was there when Jonasi was taken are the only people talking about this story.

If we go deeper like Mukoma Masimba we will see there are huge holes in this story. If Tinashe Jonasi was really missing and a police report filed the South Africa police and media would also be talking about this story. To everyone’s surprise no other news media or human right organization has said a word about this story.

If Tinashe Jonasi was really missing we are sure he has close family or relatives who would be worried about him. None of Tinashe Jonasi’s family has said a word about this so called abduction being reported by Pardon Gambakwe.

If we look at Pardon Gambakwe’s reporting he is someone know to spread fake news and push fake conspiracy theories. Gambakwe is know for making videos in a effort to get views on his YouTube channel where he get over $3000 USD a month. Gambakwe recently lost his Youtube Channel because he reported false news and opened a new channel. In order to get this new channel to be monetized Gambakwe has to have subscribers and viewers lots of them. 

To grow this channel Gambakwe may of come up with a plan to grow this Channel fast by creating a skit about Tinashe Jonasi going missing. Pardon Gambakwe is also know to pay people to make videos and support his conspiracy theories in order to get views on Youtube channel so he can make money . 

Gambakwe Media needs to let people know that their reporting is for love and likes and for entertainment purposes. If Tinashe Jonasi is missing why is no other news media , his family or police talking about it. 


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