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Gemma Griffiths Interview Ndinofarira Winky D Zvekuti

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19 Dec, 2019   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 4 minutes

Gemma Griffiths Interview Ndinofarira Winky D Zvekuti

I love, love Winky D: Gemma. Though born across the Limpopo in Cape Town, Gemma seems to be well-acquainted with the Zimbabwean environment and language. Rising artiste Gemma Griffiths has expressed her immense love for Zimdancehall superstar Winky D and she is also charmed by Enzo Ishall.

The 25-year-old has revealed how she is familiar with her home country Zimbabwe. In an interview with H-Metro entertainment reporter EDWIN NHUKARUME (EN), Gemma (GG) opened up on her private life and her future plans in the musical career. Read on…

E.N: Was music a career you wanted to pursue since childhood? GG: Music is what I’ve wanted to do since I was a child. I grew up in a really musical household of a piano teacher, choir and pianists so it’s in the blood.

GG: My love and passion for it.
There was a bit of Dolly Parton in there too. So now I draw upon all those influences and make a sound that sits with me.

EN: Who are your favourite artistes in Zimbabwe?

GG: I love love, love, Winky D. Working with him on MuGarden was such a high honour as he’s one of my favourite artists. I also love Jah Prayzah.

I’m a massive fan of Nutty O and Enzo too. And of course my incredible sisters Tamy Moyo, Ammara Brown, Chengeto Brown. There is so much amazing music from our country at the moment.

EN: Who would you want to collaborate within Zimbabwe after Winky D and Ammara Brown?

GG: There’s a British Zimbabwean sister called Shingai. I really want to work with her and Enzo too.

EN: You were born in Cape Town? If so how have you managed to reconnect with your roots in Zimbabwe?

GG: I was born in Cape Town but grew up in Zimbabwe. I went to Chisipite Girls High and just really stayed in Zimbabwe all that time.
EN: What is it that you love about your home here in Zimbabwe?

GG: I really love walking barefoot in the yard. I love jacarandas when they are in bloom.

EN: Are you married? Single? Searching?

GG: This is my personal life, I am not comfortable sharing on this one.

EN: Besides music do you have any other business or you are into music full time?

GG: I’m into music full time but recently I performed one play called Bongile.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

EN: Is music a hobby to you or it’s your source of income?

GG: Music is everything to me. I just want to make music and to travel and to see the world.

EN: How did your family react – especially your parents – when they discovered you love music?GG: They love music too. They used to take me to concerts when I was small so they are overjoyed. They come to my gigs when I’m playing locally.

EN: How do you spend your free time or can you share with us how you spend your normal week?

GG: Well it differs – last week, I released my single Mambokadzi featuring the absolutely amazing Ammara Brown.

I had a launch party at Amanzi on Thurs evening, Friday I went live with the video on Trace TV.

By Monday I was on them to odd travelling to Zambia, Tuesday I was doing promo there, flew to London on Wednesday and have been doing interviews – today (This week Sunday) I did one on London’s Rinse FM with DJ Neptizzle. I’m tired but incredibly grateful.

This week I’m preparing to shoot another video to my next single.

EN: Which place do you like to visiting or spending time at in Zimbabwe?

GG: Home with my folks is my happy place.

EN: What do you want to achieve in the music industry?

GG: I really want to play my part. We have such incredible talent in Zimbabwe. I admire the likes of Winky and Jah who get booked to play international shows.

I want to do my bit to shine a spotlight on the country

EN: Who are your favourite international artistes?

GG: I love Koffee from Jamaica. I also love Amy Winehouse, Wizkid and Davido.

EN: What is the best thing that has ever happened in your life?

GG: That’s a tough one. I don’t have a best thing. I’m just grateful for so much.

EN: It seems your music career is on the rise, are you not scared of failure and disappointments along the way?

GG: Of course who isn’t? But I have to keep putting one foot in front of the other. What’s the alternative?

I have good people around me, a supportive team and all I can do is my best

EN: Where do you draw your inspiration from to come up with your lyrics?

GG: From life.

EN: Besides the plan to release an album early next year, are there any plans in the pipeline?

GG: There’s so much music coming in 2020. So much.

EN: Thank you for your time.

GG: My pleasure

EN: Which genre of music do you specialise in? And besides being a specialist in that genre, is it your favourite genre?

GG: You know what…? I just make music. I grew up listening to Tuku, to Andy Brown but also a lot of Nina Simone and Aretha Franklin.EN: What inspired you to venture into music?


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