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30 Dec, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Get To Know Zizoe Mudiwa Wa Mai TT

Blessed Zingwe aka Zizoe was born on the 21st of July 1996 in Bocha Marange a place found in the eastern diamond city of Mutare . After his birth Zizoe moved to Gweru to Mambo where he is based now.

Zizoe started his musical journey in 2013 and recorded his first track ever titled “ Matoppest Gheto ” in the first week of January 2014 . Since then the rising star never looked back as he went on to release various tracks including Tichironga , Handichade Yellow Born Mhai and Shaku Shaku which has put him on the lime light .

Inspired in his musical career by Tocky Vibes and the late Dr Oliver “ Tuku ” Mtukudzi , the Gweru rising star is slowly becoming a household name in the music industry of Zimbambwe as he is now getting popular at national level .

Despite being inspired by Tocky Vibes and Samanyanga , Zizoe has managed to bring his own style of doing things in the music industry unlike other artist who borrow styles from their role models . Commenting on this the humble artist said , “ besides entertaining people with my music, I also use my music as a weapon to educate people ” .

Having have worked with Oskid , Tamuka and Cymplex before, Zizoe has also worked with some upcoming producers like Smart Fire from 054 Records who did the track “ Mukweso ” and Birry Man whom he has worked with on the track “Handichande Yellowborn Mhai” which he believes popped up his popularity.
The Zimdancehall artist who is currently the man of the moment in his home town Gweru hasn’t yet done an album ever since he journeyed in this music path, asking him on this he said “I am only doing singles because I feel that as an artist who is still growing in this music industry I am not yet capable to do an album as it requires a lot in terms of resources,but I promise one is coming soon ”.

Challenges tend to be synonymous to every music star on their peak with no exception for Zizoe whom just like Jesus Christ has failed to get enough support from his local home town. His hometown acceptance rate cannot be contrasted to his general acceptance and this has become a major grievance to him.

In his words of encouragement to the other youths out there the Gweru rising star said “I urge all the youths out there to stop indulging in drug abuse and sexual activities but rather they should work for themselves & avoid spoon feeding which is a product of laziness ”.
That was it all for Zizoe the boy from Gweru town in Midlands Province , as the Mangungundengu 411 Chat Show Family we wish him the best in his future plans and pray that God will see him through just like the way he did with the late Tongai “Dhewa” Moyo who went on to be an enormous asset in Zimbabwe’s music industry from the Midlands Province


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