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Ginimbi’s New Club Dreams Flops As Big Celebrities Don’t Show Up

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03 Sep, 2019   |   Posted By:   |   Estimated reading time 1 minutes

Ginimbi’s New Club Dreams Flops As Big Celebrities Don’t Show Up

A number of celebrities, including, Jah Prayzah pulled a no show at Ginimbi’s revamped club launch party.

Nigerian hip-hop artiste Ice Prince and Buffallo Souljah failed to turn up for the occasion

According to Fred Zindi, three female and two male members of the television crew whom Ginimbi had hired from South African channel MTV Base Africa to film the event from 9pm to 11pm and stream it live found no Pokello, Ice Prince, Buffallo Souljah, Luminista or Jah Prayzah to film.

The red carpet was there. The MTV Base banner was on the club wall, but there was nobody to walk on the red carpet.

According to Kimberley Jayde-Robinson, the MTV Base presenter, their mandate was to do a documentary on youth, culture and music. They chose not to interview Ginimbi because to them, he looked about 40.

According to them, youths are aged between 18 and 35. So they did not interview Ginimbi. In order to justify their travel to Harare, the team ended up interviewing Ammara Brown and Brian Kadengu who were elsewhere in Borrowdale so that they would have content on return to South Africa .

People started to trickle into the club around 11pm. A lot of them were turned away by the bouncers for wearing the wrong attire. I guess these were the poor people the club did not want.

One of those turned away remarked:

“Just because I am dressed like this, does not mean I am poor. I am probably richer than Ginimbi, but I don’t go about bragging about my money. When he becomes bankrupt, which is quite possible, we will all be laughing at him. If you look inside you will see several skimpily-dressed under-age girls working as waitresses. Is that what we call proper dressing?”