God Is Punishing Whites With Corona Virus Zimbabwe Defense Minister Oppah Muchinguri


15 Mar, 2020   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

God Is Punishing Whites With Corona Virus Zimbabwe Defense Minister Oppah Muchinguri

Defense Minister and Zanu PF Chairperson Oppah Muchinguri has made headlines for the wrong reasons. She was quoted in a video celebrating the demise of Western States by Corona Virus. Muchinguri was speaking on Saturday, at an event organised by the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Collaborators Association (ZILWACO) in Chinhoyi.

She is qouted saying, ” Corona Virus yauya iyi, maSanctions aya auya kune dzimwe nyika dzinotiisira maSanctions. Vaakuswera vari mudzimba hakuna kwekuenda. Economy yavo yavakuchema. Trump ngaazive kuti haasi Mwari. Vanotisvina kuti tiendepi, chimbosvinwaiwo munzwe kurwadza kwazvinoita.”

The English translation from Shona: “This corona virus that has come to other countries. These are sanctions that have been imposed by God on them. Now they are staying indoors. Their economy is bleeding. Trump should know that he is not God. The squeeze us so that we can go where? They should also be squeezed so they can feel the pain we feel.”

Sanctions and Zimbabwe

The Minister is known to taunt the Western Countries whenever she finds an opportunity. The agenda in Zanu PF, the ruling party in Zimbabwe is to blame everything on sanctions and Oppah Muchinguri being a senior member she always talks about sanctions whenever she finds an opportunity. 

Zimbabwe is not prepared for the fight against the spread of corona virus in its borders. There are not enough test kits and medical staff to deal with the outbreak. It is most likely that the Minister of Defense will again blame sanctions for the lack of preparedness the government to deal with the pandemic. The lack of test kits is likely to lead to the government believing that the country has no confirmed positive case of corona virus. See our article on the state of Corona Virus preparedness and government’s lack of communication in Zimbabwe: There Are High Chances There Is Corona Virus In Zimbabwe – Opinion

There is no information about where affected patients can seek treatment from. The only talk we are hearing about is Wilkins Hospital in Harare. What about other patients in other provinces and remote areas of Zimbabwe? 

We are in the same bracket. 

Zimbabweans are not happy with the way the Defense Minister celebrated the demise of United States by Corona Virus. Maybe the Minister forgets that the pandemic does not choose whether someone is American, African, Asian or Chinese. The pandemic can is deadly and can infect anyone poor or rich.


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