Grace Reaches Out To Zanu PF Gamatox Faction For Help


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Grace Reaches Out To Zanu PF Gamatox Faction For Help

FORMER President Robert Mugabe’s widow Grace has reportedly gone on a charm offensive mending fences with ex-top Zanu PF leaders as she tries to find life without the ex-ruling party strongman.

Mugabe died in early September and was controversially laid to rest at his Kutama home after weeks of heckling between Grace and President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government.

Grace’s decision to bury Mugabe away from the National Heroes Acre despite having been granted a wish for a mausoleum to be constructed from the late Zimbabwean dictator.

Highly placed sources said in the aftermath of Mugabe’s death and highly controversial burial, Grace has reached out to former Vice President Joice Mujuru and ex-Zanu PF Mashonaland East provincial chairperson Ray Kaukonde among others.

“She (Grace) wrote a message to Kaukonde pleading with him to see her. Grace asked if Kaukonde was so angry that he was not ready to forgive Mugabe even in death to the point of not finding it in his heart to pay respect to his widow. Kaukonde went to Blue Roof and she cried on his shoulder uncontrollably. It was a sight to behold for someone she hounded out of the party like a sick dog,” said a source close to the developments said.

Contacted for comment Kaukonde was spoke in riddles regarding the matter.

“In life we learn as we go. That is the reality because there is no school were people are talk to deal with others whether they are in power or not. Whatever has happened teaches us at both ends to deal with issues differently,” was all the former Zanu PF provincial leader could say.

Grace also reached out to Mujuru, her late husband’s deputy of 10 years before she was stampeded out of Zanu PF in December 2014 over accusations she was planning a hit on the then ruling party leader with the then First Lady at the forefront of the attack.

“The former First Lady also reached out to Mujuru and pleaded with the former Vice President to see her. Mujuru did and it was also an emotional moment just as was the case with Kaukonde,” heard.

At the time Mujuru and her supporters who included Kaukonde, then Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa and spokesperson at the time Rugare Gumbo as well as former Intelligence Minister Nicholus Goche were accused of plotting to have Mugabe assassinated with help from Israeli hitmen.

Mujuru’s faction then known as Gamatox after a toxic insect killer used by farmers against grain weevils denied the claims.

Grace used rallies to whip up emotions, humiliate her opponents and got Zanu PF supporters agitated and demanding that the then Vice President be fired. Mujuru did not even attend the Zanu PF congress in Harare where she was replaced by current President Mnangagwa as the ruling party’s number two and subsequently as State Vice President.

Ironically Mnangagwa was to mastermind Mugabe’s removal from power through a coup three years later


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