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20 Aug, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Hello Mwari Pane Something Wrong Mukudzeyi Mukombe Jr 178K Views Not Trending Nox Guni 101K Views Trending On Youtube

Pakatengwa Ma Views Here with the access to the digital world many Zimbabwean have access to iNformation and can verify almost anything. The streets of Social Media have started talking wether some managers or musicIans are buying Youtube views. The streets are now starting to ask questions if Mukudzeyi Mukombe Jr's handlers bought Youtube views so his video would blow up?

The main reason the streets of social media are asking this question is because  Mukudzeyi Mukombe Jr Youtube video Rovai Ngoma  has received over 170K views in 24 hours but is not showing as trending in Zimbabwe on youtube. On the other hand if we look at Nox Guni and his My Melody  It has received over 100K views in 24 hours and is now the number 2 trending video in Zimbabwe.  The question is how can a video with half the views be trending while the one with more views is not trending, yet the same audience is watching both videos.

If we go deeper like Mukoma Masimba preaches the  audience watching these 2 videos are the same its Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe, South Africa , UK, Canada & Australia Majority will be from Zimbabwe & South Africa. If Mukudzeyi Mukombe Jr Rovai Ngona Video and Nox Guni My Melody are being watched by the same audience both video should be on youtube trending in Zimbabwe or South Africa where majority of the views are coming from. One thing about Google which owns Youtube is that they have the best developers and their algorithm for verifiying things like views & fake clicks is the best. 

If youtube views are fake or have been bought youtube algorithm will count them amd some of these views fall or drop after hours or days and they may show up in views but will not count in stats that make a videos go to trending in a specific country because these fakes views maybe bots that show no geographic location. example if a video get 80K views from the same location youtube will see this as suspicious and not credit these views to make it trending. AGAIN WE ARE NOT SAYING VIEWS WERE BOUGHT BUT PANE SOMETHING WRONG FOR A VIDEO WITH ALMOST 200K NOT TO BE TREDNIGN IN A SMALL COUNTRY LIKE ZIMBABWE WHEN A VIDEO WITH HALF THE VIEWS IS TRENDING


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