Crimes Courts

Crimes Courts

01 Sep, 2020 | Posted By:
Hopewell Chin’ono Brought To Court Against His Doctors Advice

Incarcerated journalist Hopewell Chin’ono was Tuesday brought to Rotten Row Magistrates Court without the consent of his doctor who had told the Zimbabwe Prisons Security (ZPS) his client was seriously ill and showing symptoms of Covid-19.

Chin’ono appeared before Magistrate Judge Ngoni Nduna who remanded the matter to 14 September. Speaking to the press, Chin’ono’s lawyer Douglas Coltart said the state has been told to make sure that a trial date should be there by September 14 otherwise Chin’ono would apply against being put on remand for too long.

“Hopewell had been brought to Court against the advice of his doctor who spoke with the prison authorities yesterday given his condition and symptoms he was showing that it was ill advisable for him to attend court today.

“That advice was not adhered to when Hopewell was brought to court against his will,” Coltart said.

Chin’ono was arrested last month and charged for allegedly inciting violence in connection with 31st July protests. He played a key role in exposing Mnangagwa, his son Collins and his wife Auxilia in massive allegations of corruption, the US$60m Drax Covidgate scandal.

The fallout saw the arrest and dismissal of former Health Minister Obadiah Moyo. Chin’ono was also arrested along with opposition Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume and Sikhala.

They are all charged with inciting violence in connection with 31st July protests against corruption.

They are being detained at the country’s largest and most notorious jail, the Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison.