Hopewell Chin'ono Diaries Dear Mdc Zimbabwe


13 Jan, 2020   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Hopewell Chin'ono Diaries Dear Mdc Zimbabwe

‪You will not get Nelson Chamisa into the State House if you continue failing to communicate with the masses and explaining issues to them.‪Don’t rely on ZANUPF’s failures for your success on the ballot box or in the streets.‬ ‪You have to explain to the masses what those ZANUPF failures mean to their daily lives and painful realities.

‪What is $3Billion looted by ZANUPF to the life of a vendor selling cigarettes in the streets. 
Yesterday the Finance Minister said that 34 tonnes of Gold were smuggled out of the country. 
You as a political party know that this is being done by ZANUPF political elites and their business surrogates!It is pointless repeating the same figures that Mthuli Ncube have us in his budget statement to the masses without explaining them.

What does 34 tonnes of Gold mean to me as an ordinary citizen?Calculate how much a tonne of Gold costs. It is US$65million.Calculate how much 34 tonnes of Gold would cost. It is US$2.2Billion.
Now when you come to me, establish what my immediate worry is.It is healthcare since doctors are on strike and hospitals have been shut down!

Find out which hospital I would ordinarily go to for healthcare. It is Parirenyatwa Hospital.Find out how much it costs to run Parirenyatwa Hospital without shortages for a whole year.It is US$10million per year. Now divide that into US$2.2Billion which is the total cost of the smuggled Gold.It is 220.

So in order to give me an understanding of what 34 tonnes of Gold means, tell me about the monetary  value of that Gold versus the cost of running Parirenyatwa Hospital, which is 220 years.
YES! The value of the smuggled Gold would run Parirenyatwa for 220 years! 2 centuries and 20 years!Now give them a national picture of what this theft means.
Yesterday Mthuli Ncube presented a budget of US$2.3Billion using a reasonable rate of 25.

The smuggled Gold is worth US$2.2Billion, that is the whole budget for the whole country! EVERYTHING!As a voter or a potential street protester, I am now equipped with the correct information that will make me not vote for the looters or go on the streets to demonstrate against the looting!The MDC is not doing this, all they are doing is throwing insults at ZANUPF, that is not how you win hearts and minds of the people!

You also don’t expect change to happen simply because the people don’t like ZANUPF.
Listen to this video of General Josiah Tongogara explaining how his freedom fighters educated the masses before a battle!The masses didn’t like being oppressed by the white colonial government, but they still had to be educated in order for them to see it as their own struggle and not that of the freedom fighters.

The same applies today, the MDC communications department MUST do that or else they will never Govern.


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