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I Never Cheated: AFM Pastor Handihure Ini

THE Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe pastor alleged to have bedded one of his married congregants denied any wrong doing saying the devil is after destroying the church.

Pastor Maizivei Padzinza described the ugly scenes that took place at his New Covenant Family Worship Centre on Sunday as machinations of the devil roaring to devour one of the congregations that remained intact following the split in AFM.

“First and foremost I would like to apologise to church members who were tortured, beaten and disturbed from worshiping by people who accused me of dating Tracy Tsitsi Mutengezanwa,” said Pastor Padzinza.

“I never dated her although I know her as one of my church members who was facing problems in her marriage.

“I conducted counseling sessions and thank God, my wife was by my side and is my witness unaware that one day she would be used to attack the body of Christ.

“She has been a regular church member and had stopped coming for some weeks.

“I did not know how far she had resolved her issues with her husband who always refused to meet me for counseling.

“I know nothing about the WhatsApp conversations alleged to have been sent by me to Tracy and I am not hereby justified but he that judges me is the Lord.

“Tracy knows that my hands are clean so does God and I forgive her husband for being used by people who are after destroying the congregation,” said Pastor Padzinza.

He narrated sad incidents that left one of the children under his guardianship raped by unknown assailants who are still at large.

Pastor Padzinza told zimbolivenews that two of his vehicles were stoned and he received threatening messages on his life and attacks because his congregation is not divided like other AFM assemblies.

“Our assembly is one of the congregation which was never affected by church politics that has affected many souls in AFM,” said Pastor Padzinza.

“The people who visited my assembly knew that I was not around since they had their sources among the congregation but I feel pity for them and urge them to seek truth to be enlightened.

“One of my daughters under my guardianship became emotional and stood against them and sustained injuries during the attack that left some other members nursing injuries as well.

“She is a UZ student and was disturbed by the way the people came and failed to respect God by disrupting the service that was in progress.

“Kana zvikanzi tatsamwa ngatizivei kuti pasi ndipo panevanhu asi kudenga uku kuna Mwari, Mapisa ngaarege kushandiswa zvakadaro,” he said.

On the WhatsApp conversations alleged to have been discovered of him and Tracy, Psstor Padzinza said his mobile phone was stolen two months ago and did not block the contact until he replaced the same contact.

“On WhatsApp conversations I want to believe the person who stole my mobile phone is the one who tampered with the messages and this could have led them to link with Tracy since her marriage had been shacking,” said Pastor Padzinza denying ever sending a love message to Tracy.

“I am not better in technology but I strongly believe someone did something abusing my contact number by sending love messages to Tracy.

“We are made a spectacle to the world, angels and to men. We are fools for Christ’s sake, we are weak to be attacked by anyone but they feel strong and they are honourable while we are despised.

“Being reviled, we bless, being persecuted, we suffer it, being defamed, we entreat and we are made as the filth of the world and are the off scouring of all things to this day.

“My family is now living in fear, we relocated them and my life is in danger but I remain rooted in the word and my calling will never be defeated by the devil,” said Pastor Padzinza.

Contacted for comment, Pastro Padzinza’s overseer only identified as Reverent Nhamburo said he was still to receive a report from the pastor who witnessed the incident and pastor Padzinza’s response to the allegations.

“We are still to receive an official report from Pastor Padzinza, elders at the assembly and the pastor who conducted the church service on the day in question,” said Rev Nhamburo.

“We read about the incident from your paper and messages sent on other members’ mobile phones only,” he said.

Original Story
APOSTOLIC Faith Mission pastor Maizivei Padzinza’s alleged illicit affair with a married woman has been exposed. New Covenant Family Worship Centre, Domboshava, congregants were shocked when Amos Mapisa approached the church accusing their pastor of cheating with his wife Tracy Tsitsi Mutengezanwa.
Mapisa, along with his close family members, produced the mobile phone which was being used by his wife of more than five years where there are love chats with Pastor Padzinza and two other men. All hell broke loose when their four year child unlocked Tracy’s phone and Mapisa went over it while she was away.

“I found out that my wife has been cheating on me after I went through her phone.

“She was dating Pastor Padzinza and two other men. “All that I am saying can be supported by these chats which are in this phone.

“I have come here to let the church know what kind of a pastor they have.

“This will help other men to know what their wives are doing at church and maybe he is not only doing it to my wife but to other women in church,” said Amos.

He added:
“Pastor Padzinza has been picking her up in town without my knowledge and they have been meeting several times.
“They were also exchanging love messages.”
Mapisa also told this publication that he wants an apology from Pastor Padzinza and the AFM church.

“I want an apology from the church and also from Pastor.
“I also found out that my wife was also in a relationship with Lucky and another man by the name Shoes.“There are also chats to show she went to lodges and other different places for love making.
“From the chats in this phone you can see for yourself that she has been going out for dates with these three men.” Mapisa further told this publication that he was also angered by Tracy’s conversation with her friend Mai Elsie.

“In their conversation the two were discussing about Pastor Padzinza and also Lucky.

“Mai Elsie said it was better if she dates Lucky because he was younger though married but Tracy insisted that Pastor Padzinza was more caring. “She also said Pastor Padzinza provides her with money.

When contacted for comment Tracy hung up her phone when this reporter introduced himself.

Efforts to get Pastor Padzinza’s comment were futile as his mobile number was not reachable.

One of the Church’s board members who refused to be named due to the protocols of the church apologised to Mapisa.
“As a board member I would like to apologise for what has happened.
“Our mandate is to pray and win souls.“It’s unfortunate that I have seen the messages but kuitawo kwemumwe arasika.

“We continue urging people to seek the presence of God in their lives.

“We will take the matter to the high office and they will deal with the issue at hand.”


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