Is Dadirai Masibanda Involved in Mai TT Zizoe Breakup


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Is Dadirai Masibanda Involved in Mai TT Zizoe Breakup

Is Dadirai Masibanda Involved in Mai TT Zizoe Breakup

Social Media streets are talking that Dadirai Masibanda maybe the one  who Mai TT is saying is Zizoes girlfriend. comment section is saying that Dadirai went to visit Zizie and Mai TT when they were staying at Zizoe sisters house. we are not sure why she went to see them or if she is related to Zizoe side of the family.

When it comes to facebook relationships breaking up one lady has always been involved and her name is Dadirai Masibanda. In the Noria scandal Dadirai was right in the middle of the story,as she was Noria's advisor. In the Mukoma Masimba and Manyoni story Dadirai Masibanda was also involved.

If we go a little back she was also involved in the Tinashe Maphosa story as she claimed to be Tinashe's woman a claim that Tinashe denied. In this Mai TT & Zizoe breakup which has taken place in Dadirais backyard. While walking social media streets reports are coming out that Dadirai may have a part in the breakup. 

After doing some research there seems to be no link between Zizoe and Dadirai Masibanda so its highly unlikely that these two have dated or are dating. The only link between Zizoe and Dadirai is that Dadirai has always been a fan of Mai TT and has supported her. The truth will come out in the end if Dadirai is involved in the latest facebook relationship breakup.

Comment Section is saying She knew about the girlfriend, they played a plank/ skit, which got out of hand when Zizo did a fake propose it was a deal, she was paid. They made up that they were in a relationship as cover. Now the home office is on her case & she wants people to come to the planned/ organised function. But she is hoping the public will be sympathetic to her situation & report her.

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Comedienne Felistas Edwards popularly known as Mai Titi has broken up with her lover Zizoe.Their fairytale relationship came to an abrupt end amid rumors of infidelity in the relationship.

A lachrymose Mai Titi claimed that another lady had staked her claim on Zizoe insinuating that they were in relationship before Mai Titi came along.

The lady is said to have claimed Zizoe as her man and Mai Titi as the homewrecker. Their relationship has not been spared from controversy by outside sources who claimed that Zizoe was just using Mai Titi to gain milage.

Others blasted Mai Titi for dating a man who was way younger than her, calling him a Ben 10 (term used for younger men who date older women).

Despite the barbs in their relationship, everything seemed to be going well with the couple who had stolen her fans’ hearts after getting a glimpse into their romantic life.

A feisty Mai Titi, who doesn’t give the time of the day to the negative public opinion on her life seemed to be battling her inner demons, dropping cryptic hints on her social media  indicating that she was in a funk.
"We all carry invisible scars that come from inner wounds—perhaps from a divorce, from what somebody did, from a mistake we made, from a loss.

So often we try to hide our scars. They remind us of the hurt. But you can be at peace with your scars.

Those scars are your testimony; they tell your story. Instead of being depressed over what you’ve been through, have a new perspective—the enemy tried to stop you, but God brought you through it, healed you, and you have a scar to prove it.

The scars can remind you of His grace and power."

The previous day she had also posted a status apologizing for her dismal mood

"Hello fam I want to apologize for my mood today, I know I got some of you stressed and worried.

There are times were I just break down and I know everyone has that time too. But no worries that doesn’t change who I am and even wen I want to give up I remind myself how I am a shoulder to many.

We embrace our pains because that’s the only way we become stronger, we fight with forces wich are meant to bring us down but we remain Conquerors.

The fact that we cry and smile after means we are strong enough.

Somethings we can’t change in life but we suppress them so I know some enemies will celebrate that I’m hurt but hey even soldiers and warriors do shed tears in wars.

After all we are human we hurt and feel.
I have cried but ALLUTA CONTINUE.


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