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Itai Dhladla I Had Missed LulaLula From Murume Wangu Ndikaenda  Kuna Andy Muridzo

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28 Jan, 2020   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Itai Dhladla I Had Missed LulaLula From Murume Wangu Ndikaenda Kuna Andy Muridzo

Andy Muridzo busted with married woman by husband at their matrimonial home
Jilted man, armed with a gun bashes Muridzo for allegedly having an affair with his wife
Woman confesses to cheating and blames husband for denying her bonde yet she has a high bonde drive
Andy Muridzo denies dating married woman but claims that he is romantically involved with a woman only identified as Queen.

Fresh details have emerged in the case in which talented but highly controversial Afro-fusion musician Andy Muridzo was kidnapped and held hostage gunpoint by a Waterfalls man who had caught him in a compromising position with his wife. Zimbolivenews yesterday reported that the crooner had been detained and held at gunpoint at a house in Waterfalls but finer details of the fracas had not yet been obtained.

Reports reaching Zimbolivenews from local tabloid  H-Metro have revealed that all hell broke loose after Lenon Zaranyika, acting on a tip-off, returned home from work unannounced and caught Muridzo relaxed in the company of his wife, Itai Dhladla.

Zaranyika who was armed then brutally assaulted Muridzo. Muridzo was in the company of fellow musician Simba the lion who fled the scene and later returned with police officers along with a lady only identified as Queen.
Although Muridzo denied having an affair with Zaranyika’s wife, she, however, confirmed cheating on her husband and sensationally claimed that she had been bonde-starved.

"My husband has been cheating on me and  at one time we spent more than four weeks without having bonde Kana kundibata zvake. I am still young and besides that I have a high bonde drive and I need bonde from time to time and he was not available and that is why I decided to have  boyfriends  to quench my  bondeual appetite.

Andy was severly attacked and I felt sorry for him I Will accompany him to one of his shows and comfort him.

She said she no longer had anything to hide about her marriage.

He phoned my father informing him that he caught me having bonde on our matrimonial bed and that hurt me so much that I am no longer ashamed of disclosing everything about our marriage. The first time I cheated, I confessed everything to him and we moved on, but he decided to take our two children to boarding school leaving me with the younger one.
Four of my relatives came here and begged my husband to forgive me, he did and we continued with our marriage."

Narrating the ordeal, Muridzo said:
"I was caught unaware and severely beaten. I thought of fighting back nekuti ummm zvibhakera zvandarohwa zvanga zvichirwadza.
To be honest with you I was not aware that this woman was married and we were about to have some drinks with my friends.
I am not in love with his wife, Queen is the one I am in love with and I do not know what ran away leaving me exposed and unable to justify my relationship with her."



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