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Jameson Yemudhosvo Hanzi Inokonzera Kuti Varume Vasazvare

Yesterday Sunday News carried out an article of increasing number of fake whiskey being sold in Harare streets at much discounted prices with fake Jameson Whiskey being sold for around $USD10. In South Africa original Jameson Irish Whiskey costs around R379 ($USD27). Medical experts warned that fake whiskey is harmful and might even cause infertility problems.

A lot of Zimbabweans are now fearing for their sexual health with many reportedly believed to have bought the fake whiskey which is much cheaper than the original. Most Zimbabweans are struggling to make ends meet amid the economic crisis blamed on political crisis with Chamisa refusing to recognize Mnangagwa's legitimacy whom he accuse of rigging the elections. Low levels of real buying power has forced many Zimbabweans to look for cheaper alternatives which are sometimes counterfeits.

There are unconfirmed reports that claim three people have already died this festive season after consuming harmful fake whiskey.

Where are they are coming from?

The fake whiskey is reportedly being smuggled in from Zambia and Mozambique. Jameson Irish Whiskey, Johnnie Walker’s Red Label, Jameson, Red, Grants and Best brands are some of the brands whose counterfeits are being sold on the streets.

Zimbabweans have also taken to Twitter to warn their friends not to buy fake whiskey 

Following reports of several deaths caused by alcohol poisoning after the victims consumed counterfeit whiskey brands, disquieted netizens have been conducting some investigations to expose the scoundrels behind the racket.

Undated photographs fake Jameson whiskey has surfaced on the internet  further exposing the illicit business. In an article recently published by iwho reportedly consumed the fake hooch.

iHarare could not establish where the illicit rebottling was taking place by the time of publishing. However, rumours are rife that the fake whisky is being packaged in the high-density suburb of Mbare

The fake alcohol scourge is so deeply entrenched into Zimbabwean retail such that even bona fide entertainment spots are falling victim to the counterfeit products, passing them on to their unsuspecting consumers. Some of the counterfeit whiskeys are such ‘good’ copies that it’s hard to distinguish which is which


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