20 Feb, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Job Sikhala Tells Mnangagwa Enda Kugehena Ibvapo Hauzi Mwari

MDC national vice chairperson and Zengeza West legislator, Job Sikhala, who last week was acquitted of treason charges, is now worried about his personal security. The outspoken opposition MP told Nehanda Radio he was being tracked by “goons” from the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) ever since his acquittal last week.

Sikhala, who went to Karoi to represent a client, claimed dozens of security agents were present, thinking he was coming for Simbarashe Marumahoko, son of former minister Reuben Marumahoko.
“My dear friends, it is with sadness that I announce to you that my security situation is precarious and under danger. As I am writing this message we are passing in Norton at 19:39 hrs.

“I have been quiet since my acquittal on treason charges recently in Masvingo because I was attending to a serious client case at the Regional Magistrate Courts in Karoi.

“Dear colleagues, I went to Karoi on Monday after I was phoned that if I don’t present myself the trial was going without my presence. The accused is a solid MDC member Tonderai.

“I was persuaded by our strong MDC Provincial official Wilson Makanyaire that I must be a lawyer to our member,” Sikhala said.

Sikhala expressed his displeasure with Mnangagwa’s regime for failing to respect his private life.

“It is a commitment I accepted last year in September, as I was touched that this was a call to duty. The accused was given a last warning that if I don’t present myself on Monday.

“The Court was going to proceed with the trial as I have been giving excuses that I could not attend because on the first setdown of trial which was on the 28th of January which I was attending my treason trial in Masvingo. “I had to go Karoi without fail on Monday evening because our party member was under attack and under-siege. I went in the company of my security details and surreptitiously entered Karoi. On Tuesday morning I executed my mandate when the trial commenced. It went on without drama.

“The trial had to continue today (Wednesday) as I could not finish the cross examination yesterday. It resumed at 8:30 am. I arrived at the Court to find a massive deployment of a huge contingent of CIOs and military intelligence personnel.

“They were more than 50 at the Court. My security details including Wilson Makanyaire informed me of the situation. I told them to ask them what their mission was?

“I was briefed that they thought that I had come for Simbarashe Marumahoko’s, the son to Reuben Marumahoko’s, the former ZANU PF Minister whom I voluntarily represented my first day I arrived in Karoi last year when he was accused of having insulted Emmerson Mnangagwa who purports to be a the President of Zimbabwe.

“I felt challenged and gave him pro amico legal services. I applied for his bail pending trial which the State was opposing furiously. I was confronted by Ziyambi Ziyambi and Temba Mliswa’s sister Mary Mliswa who is the Provincial Minister for Mash West why I represented Marumahoko’s son to obtain bail ” Sikhala added.

The Zengeza West MP had to leave Karoi after being threatened by the heavy presence of the security agents in the small town.

“Today after finishing my cross examination of the complainant at 17:38 hrs my security details advised me to travel back to Harare as the security situation was untenable in Karoi. The full deployment at the Court and the stoking by the security agency throughout was hazardous.

“When we left Karoi, driven by Cllr Chiwanza of Ward 6 in Chitungwiza, two vehicles trailed us from Karoi. We drove fast until Murombedzi Growth Point. When Cllr Chiwanza realized the two vehicles were on our back he alerted me. I asked him to move.

“And he knows what I mean when I ask him to move. They also speeded, overtook Cllr Chiwanza and flagged down violently between the late dictator Robert Mugabe’s resting place and Norton. Cllr Chiwanza was violently flagged down to stop. He skidded past the idiots although I asked him to stop. I wanted to stop, come out and confront them to get exactly what they wanted.

“They became more daring when we were approaching Norton. They viciously pursued us but failed to thwart the speed of Cllr Chiwanza,” Sikhala said.

Sikhala blasted Mnangagwa for sending the security agents whom he claimed wanted to kill him.

“Let it be known. I am ready Emmerson Mnangagwa for your kill. Your haunting dogs are smaller than Zimbabwe. You can live in illusions. I am not afraid. Should I stop working for my family and the people of Zimbabwe because of your release of dogs against your opponents.

“Go to hell. You don’t own life. Neither do you own Zimbabwe. I dare you idiot. The day I will die, is the day my God would have allowed it to happen. You don’t own life Emmerson. That’s why I see you as a demented idiot. Your evil will never prosper over good.

“Dear friends. My life is under direct threat from evil men and women who are purporting to be running our country. Please if anything happens to me let it be known that Emmerson Mnangagwa is the first culprit. He has clueless dogs and reptiles. I am a lawyer, I will do my work all over the jurisdiction of Zimbabwe without fearing anyone. Go hang,” Sikhala said.


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