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Kudira Jecha Rachel J Dumps Terence Makupe Bushiri Gets Victory

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06 Mar, 2020   |   Posted By: staff reporter   |   Estimated reading time 2 minutes

Kudira Jecha Rachel J Dumps Terence Makupe Bushiri Gets Victory

Terrence Mukupe’s claims that prophet Bushiri impregnated his wife has seemingly been a revenge mission against ‘wife’ Rachel J who had jilted him now that all the luxurious and flamboyance disappeared.

This comes after Rachel j, through her family have decided to pour cold water on his claims saying Rachel J, in fact, was the breadwinner in this relationship.

Many of the intricate details, besides being flowery, have rather give an insight into the life of the ex-Deputy Minister, for instance, that he doesn’t own a house and is riddled in serious debt.


In a statement the family says:

“The claims that Terence Mukupe ceded R100 000 are totally baffling for a man who doesn’t even have a property to his own name and was failing to pay school fees for his children by that time.”

Well, apparently this points out to one thing, Mukupe has no right to claim money from Bushiri which he said he seeded in the church.

Moreso, he can not afford housing for his children and Rachel is still paying the bills.

“Whose house was repossessed by the bank. Rachel has been paying rentals for his family to still be able to continue living in that property. He has been failing to clear his debts and the lawyers have been communicating with Rachel who has been helping him to clear those debts.” The family letter continues.

“Terence Mukupe should give us evidence of the plane tickets he paid for Rachel to go to Malawi, and also evidence of him expressing interest to do business with Prophet Bushiri whom he has never met. No one stands to gain from publicly humiliating someone, instead, it leaves scars.”

Well, the ex-minister has never met Shepherd Bushiri and can simply provide this evidence right? If he has it.

“Terence Mukupe should realise that Rachel J is not only a businesswoman but also a mother, and the damage he has caused is irreparable. He has caused great emotional pain to her daughter and this will leave a scar for life. Regardless of the fact that Rachel J has decided to stay in recluse and quiet over this issue, we felt it in our best interest as a family to come out and clear a few issues which were raised.”

The musician has been shattered by this development. Apparently, the family has decided to stand with their daughter as she has now become a recluse.

This is a truly hurtful time for us because we know the type of a person Rachel is who has done nothing but show love and commitment to this man. Wisdom is understanding that relationships come to an end, and this should be done amicably without abusing the other partner. We should be the ones fighting and humiliating him because he never looked after Rachel instead it was vice versa to a man who showed no love and appreciation.”


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