Kuita Muchekadzafa I knew Mnangagwa Would Fail Says Nkosana Moyo


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Kuita Muchekadzafa I knew Mnangagwa Would Fail Says Nkosana Moyo

OPPOSITION Alliance for the People's Agenda (APA) president Nkosana Moyo said the imploding economic and political situation in the country had confirmed his long-held fears that President Emmerson Mnangagwa would be worse than his late predecessor Robert Mugabe.

Mnangagwa's administration has attracted international condemnation in recent days over an increase in human rights violations following a wave of abductions and arrests of journalists, opposition and civic rights activists.

This has seen the opposition and other stakeholders calling on Sadc to intervene to facilitate dialogue to solve the political and socio-economic crises facing the country.

Mnangagwa, however, denies there is a crisis. Moyo said Zimbabweans should expect nothing but the worst from Mnangagwa who assumed the presidency via a coup in November 2017.

"If I believed he was capable of doing the right things, I would have joined him but as a fact, I contested against him," Moyo said during the "Know Your Right" programme hosted by Bulawayo-based online Centre for Innovation and Technology (CITE).

"I never believed Mnangagwa could run this country as well as I could, but people never listened.

"Mnangagwa knows how Mugabe ran this country, because he was part of that team, that's why we should not be surprised to see what he's doing. My prediction that he would run the country differently was right because he's actually worse, not better, not the same, but worse. We are going backwards very fast."

Moyo, who launched the APA in June 2017, was one of the 23 presidential candidates who contested the disputed 2018 elections and lost to Mnangagwa.

He briefly joined Political Actors Dialogue, a dialogue platform between Mnangagwa and all presidential candidates in the 2018 general elections, but later pulled out.


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