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27 Nov, 2019 | Posted By: staff reporter
Kunyadzisa Olinda Bought New Iphone For Stunner Wanted Him In Turkey

More infomation keeps coming about the events that occured in Turkey in the filming of Keeping Up With Real Holiday Pals. Mukoma Masimba did a Go Deeper session where he explains what really happened in Turkey and how everyone got to Turkey. Mukoma Masimba has facts that everyone was invited to Turkey by Faith Domingo Nechironga and she paid for everyones flight and accomodation. Mukoma Masimba claims he was also invited but failed to attend because he was wating for his teeth.

Olinda Chapel was not invited but asked Faith if she could come to Turkey for the filming of Keeping Up With Real Holiday Pals. Auny Jenny & Uncle Ged are the ones who asked on behalf of Olinda.Other people who were invited included all MvengeMvenge admins and Cookies Lyons but they could not attend because other family and other issues. During the flight  Olinda ran into Linda Rose in the flight and Olinda recognised Linda Rose as one of the girls who cheated with Tytan and told her "Ndiwe waidanana na Tytan wakadya marutsi angu". In an effort to show off Olinda showed Linda Rose a text messages between her and Stunner where they were flirting .

Watch Mukoma Masimba Go Deeper For what Happened In Turkey

Olinda  told Linda Rose that she bought Stunner a phone two weeks ago and that Tytan was nothing and that her heart was with Stunner. To Make this story even more interesting Stunner was also invited to go to Turkey. Its Not sure is Olinda planned on hooking up or getting back with stunner but its just a bad look for Olinda and Stunner. On arriving in Turkey Olinda told all the cast members of Keeping Up With Real Holiday Pals "Mese muri pano because of me. Iwe Linda Rose unondinyora ndirikuda kukurova" during the time Olinda was about to attack Linda Rose , Aunty Jenny and Anko Ged grabbed Olinda and that when her dress went up and people discovered Olinda angaasinga brugwa. If you watch the video by Mukoma Masimba you will get the rest of the story. Before Olinda left she asked Faith Domingo why she had not invited Stunner. Faith told her its her budget and she does what she wants.


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