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08 Sep, 2020 | Posted By: staff reporter
Kutenga Hondo YaStunner DJTowers Says Ndakarohwa & Abused By Olinda Chapel Trevor Dongo Is My V11

Kurwa Hondo Ya Stunner DJTowers Says Ndakarohwa & Abused By Olinda Chapel Trevor Dongo Is My Witness 

DJTowers who is loyal to Stunner and a stronger supporter has come out with allegations that socialite and business woman Olinda Chapel akamurova and abused him while he visited the UK. DJTowers said that his story was not a lie and that singer Trevor Dongo & His Management can verify these allegations. 

DJTowers is a  self made brand ambassador who helps promote upcoming businesses and celebrities. DJTowers has worked with top celebrities like Jah Prayzah , Winky D and top business leaders like Ginimbi. DJTowers also works with some of the biggest church leaders in Zimbabwe such as Prophet Branson to mention but a few.  DJTowers even got one of his Mbinga Teemak to buy him a car after DJTowers has promoted him and made him a household name in Zimbabwe.

These allegations from DJTowers come in the wake of a week long social media royal rumble between Olinda Chapel and DJTowers Mbinga Stunner who have been  fighting nonstop .  Stunner first made fun of Olinda Chapel crying for him when he dumped her. Olinda Chapel responded by saying Stunner was 40yrs old and all he can brag about is his mdoro. Stunner was not happy with these comments and started telling Olinda Chapel that she was stupid to give him money when he did not care about her . Stunner also accused Olinda Chapel of being broke. He also accused Olinda Chapel of sleeping with men and not telling them that he was HIV positive.

Olinda Chapel did not take the insults lightly and accused Stunner of having and affair with his wife’s 16 year old sister and kurara naye. Olinda claims Stunner was caught and even wanted to pay for damages to the girl’s family.  Olinda Chapel also aaccused Stunner of being sick to the point his family members were wiping manyoka from him and his wife Dyonne was nowhere to be seen . 

DJTowers is know for taking on fights of people he likes or who pay him so they are not ambarassed and he takes all the shorts . This story is still going on we will update you as more information  becomes available 


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